2007 Yukon DENALI

stock 2007 DENALI with 6.2L v8, 417 ft. lbs torque. just messin around

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6.2L Cold Engine Knock

2007 yukon denali with edge evolution programmer
*type'o - edge evolution* 07 denali with 6.2L and edge evolution programmer on extreme, the torque is insaine for such a big ass truck. **Song is: return of the tres by delinquent habits**

2007 YUKON DENALI 10-80
This is my 2007 Yukon Denali AWD making a run from 10-80mph (it was 80, I was watching the speedo!!). Mods include HP Tuners Pro, (notice it pulls hard to 6K) LM1 Wide Band Tuner, 160* T-Stat, CAI, & synthetic fluids. I am still running the stock Exhaust because it is very efficient and I can't justify replacing it for only a small power gain, not to mention they are expensive! In this clip I accelerate from a roll at 10 mph with a full tank of gas, one passenger, 100lbs of extra gear and the TQ management is still on. If the TQ management was not on, I have experienced .5 seconds quicker in the 0-60. Not bad for a tank that weighs 5650lbs dry!!

yukon denali 2007
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