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Clio CUP, Omega A Drift-King

Lotus Omega vs Swedish police (Very high quality)
High quality video clip from the swedish police in pursuit of a speeding Lotus Omega. Police car is an un-marked Saab 9-3 2.0t and therefore a bit slow. I do not claim to own the rights to this movie, I just got annoyed that all versions on youtube are either fast-frowarded or in very bad quality. Although the driver of the Lotus got away in the pursuit, the police later went to his home.

ASFALT – Lotus Omega
S02E05 KLASSENS VÄRSTING En Lotus med plats för hela familjen eller en svindyr Opel – vad fick egentligen den som valde bort supersedanerna från Stuttgart och München för att istället satsa allt på Imperial Green i livets bilroulette?

Best of Opel!
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