jrsc rsx vs evo

40 mph roll

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supercharged rsx vs wicked evo 8 and fast ralliart
Me and a couple friends having some fun doing highway pulls Mods are in the video most runs were between 30-45mph pulls All rights go to phoenix for the song 1901

rsx type s vs Evo 8
06 rsx type S: bolt-ons, drop in cams (k-proUntuned) itr base map Mitsubishi Evo 8: intake, b.o.v.,cat-back, stage 2 clutch, tuned

rsx type s vs Evo 8
RSX type S: Bolt-ons, Web cams, Tuned Mitsubishi Evo 8: Bolt-ons, Boost controller

RSX vs Domestics
'02 turbo RSX-s racing domestics