2011 BMW X5 diesel DeepSea Blue - NY Blizzard - Dec 27 2010

2011 BMW X5 diesel in NY Snow - Blizzard - Dec 27 2010 If you would like your own BMW X5 snow plowing monster. Please Contact: www.ExoticMotorWorld.com ExoticMotorWorld@gmail.com 347-674-AUTO

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2011 BMW X5 diesel in New York Snow
2011 BMW X5 diesel in New York Snow - Staten Island, NY - Sunday December 26 2010

BMW X5 Winter Driving
http://www.gearshifttv.com Winter driving across the BC Mountains to our destination in Vancouver.

Mercedes ML, BMW X6, X5 off-road
Light off-road in Latvia

Женька показывает мастер-класс
Полная Чухлома 2009. Брод на трассе эгегейцев. Патрол на 35-м Гудрич МТ. Nissan Patrol Y60 TD42 35MT all locked. Originally posted by glebius0: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D-gZ1kdmweo