1958 Plymouth - Greek Christine restoration progress

The restoration progress of my 1957 Fury converted into a 1958 Plymouth Christine clone .

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1958 Plymouth - Greek Christine *almost finished* .mp4
My 440 Christine project almost finished !

Nicholas, a little angel in the sky .
Paradise now has one angel more ...

1958 Plymouth Belvedere - Christine - Christmas Cruising + Engine Revving
Christine's been sitting in the garage since early November because the weather was quite bad, plenty of snow a few weeks ago. We had a lot of rain during the last week so all the snow and the salt on the roads is gone. It's Christmas and we had a sunny and extraordinary warm day (15°C / 60°F), so I took Christine for her very first Christmas ride! This is another short clip I made on my way home. Make sure to watch the whole video if you want to hear her rev a little more! ;) If you're a fan of the movie "Christine" or 1957 / 58 Plymouths in general don't forget to join the International Christine Club. More information here: http://www.internationalchristineclub.net

Plymouth 1958 Christine
kleiner Rundgang 2