Refueled: Return of the CTS-V Episode 3: The Test

Once the car has been handmade from the ground up through an Exhausting measure of cutting edge design, there's only one thing left to do: put it to the test. Driving the vehicle to the greatest possible limits is something our professional drivers are quite fond of. Take a closer look as they connect with the car and explore solutions for improving the performance by any means necessary.

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Refueled: Return of the CTS-V Epsiode 2: The Build
Take a deep dive into the technical sophistication behind the design and build of the CTS-V Racing Coupe. This episode delivers exclusive behind the scenes footage and interviews with Cadillac officials and the design team for an insider perspective on the painstaking efforts that go into building a successful performance vehicle for the track.

Refueled: Return of the CTS-V Episode 4: Race Ready
It all leads up to this. The innovative design, the painstaking detail, the rigorous testing — everything is riding on this defining moment. The time has come for Cadillac to return to racing and take hold of its rightful place on the track. See the CTS-V racecar rip through the road in rubber melting action as it prepares for its monumental return to the SCCA World Challenge on March 25th.

Tuffest Sounding CTSV built by RDP Motorsport
Very Loud and Big Camshaft CTSV on Dyno and Road by RDP Motorsport

Supercars Accelerating + Burnouts - Tuned Cadillac CTS-V, Larini MC Stradale, & More in Dubai!!
On 28th February I attended the official opening of Simon Motorsport automotive work shop in Dubai. They specialize as a luxury and exotic car tuning boutique, specialized in performance and visual modifications. At the event when owners started to leave, to show for the cameras some of them did some nice accelerations whilst others provided mini burnouts, video shows the cars finally coming to life, enjoy :D Facebook page: Add me on Google+: