Ford Escort GT (Race Car) Time Line

This is a quick video i made of the new race car now that the season is over.

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STPmotorsports 545rwhp+ Escort GT
1993 545RWHP Escort GT. This car has a Ford Escort 1.8l DOHC engine. Old race clip of when it when it was FWD. Drivers licence 9sec pass @ Moroso. quick shop view. VISIT:

FOLLOW ME @ Stunning cosworth,one of our favorites doing a couple of high speed run's and drifting at a runway with on board camera's,the video also included's a look at the engine bay and interior..please like and share :)

1986 Ford Escort GT
Car I inhereted from my grandfather about 15 years ago and remains one of the only major things i inhereted from his passing. the tacometer hasnt worked since before we got it. I do what I can to keep it running and well kept and refuse to get rid of it.. just recently got a new clutch. The rear spoiler/wing has fallen off for the 3rd time from the intense shaking from my woofer.

Suki - Off Roading in Ford Raptor
We finally did what everyone was asking for! We took a Hot Sexy girl off roading in a Ford Raptor. We found our own private road to tear up, it gets even rougher toward the end of the video. Exhaust work done by Mayco Performance PDN Facebook: HTC Facebook: HPD Facebook: Twitter: Fan Page: