Moscow Brunet on Bentley Continental Flying Spur Miniskirt

Causing just a traffic, no accidents reported. Changing a shoes in downtown Moscow

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Girlfriend in Underwear & Sneakers??
We know this isn't our typical "comedy" fare - but one of our friends taped this of his girlfriend in her underwear, and well we had to put it SOMEWHERE! Maybe Skechers is watching?? :) If those shoes really work wonders like these - we all just might have to buy a pair! ***UPDATE: We liked Abby so much (and pretty much owed her for exploiting her before LOL) we cast her in Twilight: For Guys: AND the new series: ASK NURSE ABBY! - Follow us for more sexy, funny content here!

Вот это вообще ржач!!! ножки

Windy Skirt Sexy Thong Ass - Hungaroring
Windy Skirt Sexy Thong Ass - Hungaroring - Autós Gyorsasági Bajnokság 2011 IX-X.forduló

Bentley Surprise
Funny Video