2000 Saleen S281, Fully Built, Turbo, 700HP- Cruising

Just cruising from house to store....

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Saleen S281 Supercharded Speedster in action!
I get a ride in this amazing Saleen S281 Speedster. amazing car, crazy acceleration and power, and BRUTAL sound! PLEASE RATE AND COMMENT!

2000 S281 Supercharged Saleen on Dyno 2
2000 S281 Supercharged Saleen on the Dyno. 440 RWHP, 510hp to the crank. Its one sick mofo! It has a 2.2 Kenne Bell Supercharger.

Saleen S281 Cold Start
Wassup YouTube, how you guys doing? So, as you can tell, this is my new baby, drove out (and back) in the middle of a crazy-ass snow storm to get it in a city (kinda) close to where I live. It's a 2002 Saleen S281 Supercharged and its got 65k on the odo. Three Alpine Type R's and a 2000 Watt amp in the trunk if you like that stuff too ;-)

Esta Vivo!! Saleen S281
Desperto..! Saleen S281 Stroker 5.1 2v Supercargado