6.0 Gto vs SRT8

three honks and we where GONE!!!!!!

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My 2006 GTO vs 2012 SRT8 6.4 round 2

2004 Cobra SVT vs. 2006 GTO
2004 Cobra SVT vs. 2006 GTO. Both stock. **Video was taken hours after being bought(Cobra) from the dealer (no front plate yet). Previous owner thought it was cool to not rotate stock tires after 25k miles. Rear tires are almost like DRs, hence the babied launches.

SRT8 charger vs 6.0 GTO
Join me on Facebook! www.facebook.com/omgitsmrmack This was me driving the charger.. second pass in it.. DA 1630' with 3/4 tank of gas.. charger has the efispecialties.com tune and an intake manifold.. I went 13.2@107 with a 2.1 60' so there is room to grow.. a set of tires and lighter wheels and a stall and I'm thinking mid to low 12's easy.. being as a few 2012/2013 5.0 Mustang gt's couldn't break out of the 13's on tire tonight.. the DA kinda screwed everyone.. the gto needs tires bad.. its set up to road race and sports a GTP head and cam package and had a best run of 13.2@114 lol.. mph is a good hint to what she's capable of with a tire and a good DA.. the gto missed 3rd on this run and made me very happy because he was pulling away fast near half track.. he would of def broke 12's on that run.. over all a really fun night! The intake manifold porting on this car is now available through me directly for $600+shipping and will come standard to accept up to an 87mm tb.. 90mm will be extra but is not needed in 95% of cases.. Mr.Mackporting@gmail.com for more info.

06 Corvette vs 06 GTO
Me racing my buddies Corvette. We raced before with him on bald 295's and me on grippy-ish 245's and it was about even, so we wanted to try again when we both had grippier tires on. The slo-mo stare down cracks me up every time.