slow-motion ferrari wheel-change

slow-motion helmet-cam of the first racing pit-stop for the new ferrari front-wheel hot-air ducts. that's five hyphens in one sentance right there. looks like high potientality for something to go wrong ... first rim goes spinning off, but a spare is already preloaded in the other airgun. despite the tapered locating spindle, positioning on the wheel is still tricky, as obviously the rim means the mechanic is now working blind. could get tricky on a short re-fuel in a tight race. ... but (even as a mclaren fan) always enjoy seeing interesting and novel engineering ideas, and the other mechanic spinning it into final position is cool. they don't rotate, they are static, the vents at the bottom redirect hot air from the front brakes out and under the car, this helps with car's grip and stability. silverstone 2007 - kimi raikkonen

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