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Audi RS6 5.0 V10 Biturbo Drag Race 2.0

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V.S Motor BMW M5 V10 Twin Turbo - 2011 Compilation - 6,76sec/341,8kmh - 1/4 mile
Miscellaneous clips from the 2011 season. Our best 1/4 mile run was 6,76sec / 341,8kmh at Tierp Arena (Night Of Fire), October 2011. Engine specs are still V.S Motor buildt BMW V10 from an E60 M5 producing 1851hp/1817Nm on methanol, chassis buildt by Niclas Sunne at NS Racecars, and a full custombuildt carbon fiber body by Kjell Arne Solberg at Carbon Design.

Audi RS6 V10 TFSI Biturbo Testdrive HD
Nice testdrive with an Audi RS6 V10 TFSI Biturbo in Bavaria in autumn. Car details: Audi RS6 V10 5.0 TFSI Biturbo, 08/2008, 580 PS, 650 NM, 0-100: 4,5s, 2.200 kg, 250 km/h Equipment: 3x GoPro Hero2, 1x GoPro Hero, 1x Sennheiser MKE 400 external mic

MTM Audi RS6 Clubsport V10 Biturbo 730 hp Powerslide Acceleration 0-60 3.3 sec Vmax 227 mph
A short clip of me driving MTM's amazing 730 hp Audi RS6 Clubsport. This car does 0-60 mph in the low 3's, 0-125 mph in 11 seconds, 0-186 mph in 33 seconds (faster than Corvette ZR1) and has a GPS confirmed top speed Vmax of 227 MPH (set at Nardo). Unfortunately my time with this car was limited so I spent more time enjoying the drive than filming it. As a result, the video isn't all that great, SORRY! Needless to say, it's an amazing and very fast sedan. Similarities with other vehicles, for example with the legendary Audi V8 DTM edition of the years 90 and 91 can not be excluded -- that seems to be the message of the MTM RS6 Clubsport, which the Audi specialist and refiner MTM from Wettstetten/Ingolstadt is bringing out now. With a Power/Weight ratio of 2.65 Kg/PS, the sport interpretation of the RS6 stands far ahead of the former winner series' car which brought with its four-wheel drive tears in the eyes of the adversary. Company director Roland Mayer also seems to succeed in this, holding the record for station wagons (344,2 km/h) with the MTM RS6 R and presenting the RS6 R to the on board competition supercars mostly from back view in Nardo at the Highspeed event. The aim is now, 350 km/h, where the MTM RS6 Clubsport has more power and less weight than the others. The result: more than 730 HP, around 860 Nm of torque and weight just under two tons. The 5.0 TFSI V10 Biturbo with 6-speed triptonic with DSP, after its power increase in Wettstetten/Ingolstadt, accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.6 seconds and 200 km/h will be reached just after 11 seconds. The ingredients for the "MTM RS6 Clubsport" project are clear: less weight and much more power than the series' car. Besides the modification of the ECU, the engineers from MTM have demonstrated technical finesse to achieve more than 730 hp and 860 Nm of torque available at 2.750 U/min. In addition to that, a MTM stainless steel Exhaust system -- catalyst and rear silencer (4-pipes, each one 80 mm with throttle valves in 2 pipes and control system), as well as other details and modified high-rev gearing have been built-in. About suspensions, the RS6 Clubsport gets a MTM height adjustable suspension kit that allows a 10 to 45 mm lowering. Concerning the wheel set, the BIMOTO rims in 20" or 21" are suggested with, for example, Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 Tyres in the size 305/30 ZR 21. The standard Carbon-Ceramic brakes, which Roland Mayer approves, are left on the car but stronger air brake system pipes can also be ordered on demand. Whoever wants to convert his RS6 into Clubsport is highly recommended for the MTM high power brake system with 405 x 36 mm disks and Brembo's monobloc callipers with 6 pistons. Last but not least, MTM offers a changed front axle geometry, which, in addition to the above mentioned suspension kit, assures a much better behavior in curves. Back to the legendary DTM V8 race car which stood out, 20 years ago, more for its driving sensations than its optic tuning. We find here also other similarities. Modification of the bodywork with a carbon diffuser and a discreet carbon front spoiler lip, which corresponds to the credo of MTM's manager, Roland Mayer: we have to win, not with eye-catching spoilers, but with best times, best speed. When the driver's door is open, we can see that sportiness inside as well as on the driver and co-driver seats, has replaced the comfort of the series' car. Especially demonstrative: the roll-cage and no rear seats. On top of that, RECARO bucket seats and a 6-point safety harness, give the best driving position and best answer to our purpose: to concentrate on the driving. This is what the MTM RS6 Clubsport is all about. Well this year it will be the same at car meetings on high speed tracks: Do not underestimate the Audi Limousine, which drives like a rocket. It was 344,2 km/h in 2009, the target for this year is 350 km/h. Another similarity? It was almost exactly 20 years ago, that the Audi V8 DTM achieved a lot of success. And it is exactly 20 years ago that Roland Mayer decided to found his company MTM - Motoren Technik Mayer. Song - "Rock your World" by Jason Shaw @ audionautix.com

Driving an Audi RS6 MTM on the German Autobahn from 0-315 km/h. Thanks for watching. Please rate and leave a comment.

Audi RS6 5.0 trifft Dodge Charger V8 Big Block
ein Treffen der Generationen Nachts in Dresden

Boost Revolution Audi RS6 4,2 Biturbo 611PS 846Nm Tuning

Police vs Audi RS6 Best chase ever HIGHWAY !
Watch part 2 here on my channel http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vHwELLlLMu8&feature=youtu.be Highway is a car-movie documentary-style, where the point is to make fun of the police. As in movies like Ghost Rider and Getaway in Stockholm is the speed well over the legal. A scene in the movie called "Carlitos Swey" one can clearly see when he runs off eight police cars. This clip got attention in the newspaper in MY, July 2010. With both cameras rigged inside the car and under the grill, start crazy journey from the Globe Arena in Stockholm. The driver runs out of road 73 and at most is he reside at a speed of 280 km / h. I really think you should by this movie if you like Ghostrider and Getaway in stockholm movies

Audi Rs6 5.0 Tfsi V10 772HP Onboard, revvs, dyno
Last month I had the opportunity to be passenger in a badass Audi Rs6 with 772HP and 1100Nm verified that day. The car was chipped by Chip4Power. The Exhaust is handmade by GMC and can reach 116db!! Really nice sounding car. Hope you guys enjoy the video and SUBSCRIBE to my channel! http://www.youtube.com/user/lambogrinz

Audi RS6 Avant V10 BiTurbo vs Mercedes Benz AMG E55 Kompressor 50-270 km/h = GTBoard.com
http://www.m5board.com/vbulletin/gtboard-com-general-sportscars/128193-vide o-audi-rs6-avant-v10-biturbo-vs-mercedes-benz-amg-e55-kompressor-50-270-k m-h-gtboard-com.html#post1462155 Video: Audi RS6 Avant V10 Biturbo vs Mercedes Benz AMG E55 Kompressor 50-270 km/h = GTBoard.com. Support buy ordering the GTBoard.com DVD's: http://www.gtboard.com/dvd.html Download High-Definition here: http://www.ameibo.com/bundle/gtboard-com-box/

2016 Audi Q7 TDI Quattro - Exterior and Interior Walkaround - Debut at 2015 Detroit Auto Show
Welcome to AutoMotoTube!!! On our channel we upload every day short, (2-5min) walkaround videos of Cars and Motorcycles. Our coverage is from Auto and Moto shows in North America and Europe - We visit different shows: Big, like Geneva, Frankfurt, New York, Detroit, Los Angeles or Paris Auto Show, to small regional, Classic Car, RV and Boat Shows. We have thousands of High Definition videos of different types of vehicles, everything from new, concept cars, super cars, classic, vintage, old cars, hot rods, motorbikes, recreational vehicles, motor boats, sailing yachts, to airplanes, bicycles, and even tractors :-) In most of our videos, we take a look at the exterior design and interior arrangements of the vehicle, so you can receive a general idea and appreciation of a certain brand or model. We really appreciate all your comments and critics - they help a lot, in building one of the most diversified Auto & Vehicles Channel on YouTube!!! P.S: To find a video of a certain model in our channel, just write the brand and model name in the search bar above, or have a look in our playlists. You can find us on our official facebook, twitter and google+ pages: http://www.facebook.com/automototube http://www.twitter.com/automototube http://plus.google.com/+113313843581025899562 , or if you have chance, check out our web site: http://www.automototube.net - there we have our videos, some pictures and wallpapers, organized and all the vehicles easy to find. Subscription link for our Channel: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=automototube Thanks for watching and stay tuned!!! A lot more to come...

Audi RS6 V10 Bi Turbo quick test TIPAZA (ALGER)

V.S Motor BMW M5 V10 Twin Turbo - Dyno - 1851bhp/1817Nm@1,8bar-Methanol
Our new twin turbo engine based on the BMW E60 M5 V10 (S85). The displacement is 4,8liter and it produces 1851bhp/1817Nm (1340 ft.lbs) at 1,8bar running on methanol.

AUDI RS6 5.0TFSI V10 tuned by Pachura Moto Center
Stworzyliśmy bestię 730 KM i 805 Nm -- to doskonałe połączenie imponującej mocy i niesamowitego dźwięku! http://www.motocenter.pl/pl/Projekty/Limuzyny/Tuning-Audi-RS6-5.0-V10-TFSI Już w momencie, kiedy to niesamowite auto przejechało przez bramy naszego serwisu - Pachura Moto Center - wiedzieliśmy, że mamy do czynienia z prawdziwym potworem. Nie przypuszczaliśmy jednak, że uda nam się przeobrazić go w tak potężną bestię! Audi RS 6 już w serii poraża swoją mocą. Potężne, zmierzone na naszej hamowni, 580 KM i 666 Nm powinno zadowolić nawet najbardziej wybrednego kierowcę. Ale dla naszego klienta to wciąż było za mało... Postawił nam tylko jeden warunek -- wykrzesać z tego auta 700 KM! Pierwszym krokiem jaki zrobiliśmy było przeprowadzenie modyfikacji silnika Abt Power na 700 KM. Pierwsze pomiary na hamowni udowodniły, że osiągnęliśmy swój cel, ale my wiedzieliśmy, że z tego auta da się wydobyć znacznie więcej. Kolejnym etapem naszych prac był montaż pięknego układu wydechowego Abt Sportsline ze stali kwasoodpornej. Układ składa się z zespolonych tłumików środkowych oraz dwóch tłumików końcowych z końcówkami wydechowymi o średnicy 80mm. Dodatkowo zamontowaliśmy specjalne filtry powietrza. Następnie RS6 „ubraliśmy" w elegancki przedni spoiler oraz tylny dyfuzor Abt -- oba zostały wykonane z najwyższej jakości carbonu. Na koniec auto ponownie wprowadziliśmy na hamownię. Wystarczył jeden pomiar, by udowodnić, że wydobyliśmy z tej bestii niebagatelne 730 KM i 805Nm! Warto dodać, że ogranicznik prędkości został ustawiony na 340 km/h. Przypominamy, że udzielamy gwarancji na 2 lata lub na 100 tys. km na modyfikacje silnika Abt Sportsline.

1000HP Twin Turbo Audi R8 V10 "Promotional Film"
Strato Productions Presents "End of The World" Concept: As the weather conditions get bad, Charlie tries to make it out of the city and catch a plane. As he drives through the city, rushing through the streets, leaving the storm behind trying to make it. Unfortunately he gets a little behind and the pilot decides to take off without him. Where he decides to carry on his journey in his car. Locations: Film sequence shot in Houston Texas. Arcola, Texas Equipments: Shot with Canon Mark III & Sony Fs 700 Lenses: Canon 16-35 II, Canon 24-70 II, Canon 70-200 II DJI Drone Phantom 2 Vision + DJI Ronin, SteadyCam HD2000, Convergent Design Odyssey 7Q Sound Track: Two Steps From Hell - Thomas Bergersen Rada AudioJungle - Hunters Music used in this video belongs to music production company and its composer . No copyright infringement intended, all music belongs to its owners/creators and used with proper licensing. TimeLapes: Strato Productions Time-lapse used in this video belongs to production company and its composer . No copyright infringement intended, all time-lapse belongs to its owners/creators. Credits: Cast: Charles Carder, Eliana Gomez Producer: Charles Carder Director of Production: Usama Zubair Director: Usama Zubair, Wahab Attia, Cinematographer: Wahab Attia, David Anzola, Franco Hernandez & Usama Zubair Visual Effects: Wahab Attia Editor: Wahab Attia Sound Effects: Wahab Attia, Usama Zubair Special Thanks To: Asim Ramping Khan, Mr. Franklyn Auto Light Effects & Custom Lighting: Chad Hawkins from DownSouthKustomsTX.com SPECIAL THANKS TO ALL FOR WATCHING

First Drive Audi A9 Concept Prologue - Erste Fahrt im neuen Audi-Design
Gerade hat Audi seine zukunftweisende Studie auf der LA - Motorshow präsentiert. Er heißt Audi Prologue, aber wir nennen ihn A9 und wir sind ihn schon gefahren.

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