1:24 Scale Ferrari Enzo is Finished

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The Scale Master - R/C Diecast Conversion, Lamborghini Reventon Complete!
RC diecast car. 1 of 1 built world wide!

Cheaper to own? Used Ferrari or New Corvette...
Here is something for you to think about, even if you don't have $75k sitting around in a bank to spend on a car, if you have steady income its a safer play to buy a used Ferrari vs a new Corvette if you care about how much money you have after 5 years(even with no money down). Just requires a different way of thinking. Just for discussion sake you can use $1/mi for 360 maintenance which is what we experienced across several hundred thousand miles of Ferrari 360 rental ownership from 2003-2009 (across 8 or so cars). You can also watch my video on Ferrari maintenance costs for my 360 coupe here. https://youtu.be/T2PJVzsY2pc *also to note, financing is cheaper on new cars vs used. The assumption is also that you would need a reasonable credit score to qualify for these rates, figure 675+. - Photo Credit Hovik @drivingforceclub on IG For DVDs and Merchandise http://www.superspeeders.com Vimeo Downloads and Rentals https://vimeo.com/superspeeders/vod_pages Facebook https://www.facebook.com/superspeeders Instagram - robferretti Twitter - @robferretti

BMW 750Li Kyosho 1:18 LED Licht Tuning Conversion M3 M5
Schönes Modell aus meiner Vitrine... mit vielen LEDs umgebaut. Nice diecast from my collection... modified with many LEDs... Maßstab/scale: 1:18 Umbauer/ Converter: Ich/ me ;-)

How To Cut Open Doors
this is a vid for 69codyislikewtf69 on how I cut open my doors.