Street Rod Gameplay and Ending (Longplay)

Here is a summarized story of the original Street Rod from 1989. Actual gameplay is a little long wherein you have to race from being a poor kid to being a car collector while monitoring the seasons in the calendar before springtime ends. It's a lot easier than its hair raising successor Street Rod 2. Super fun to play in the Amiga than its PC counterpart. Interesting vid with an attitude hope you enjoy Keywords: Hot Rod hotrod Supercharger classic cars 1950's 1960's Mulholland Drive 2 II III 3 NFS DSI Distinctive Software Inc. Accolade Carbon Most Wanted Grand Prix Circuit GT Gran Turismo Race Cycles Underground 2 3 4 5 6 High Stakes Brotherbund Stunts Desert Track Speed Super Nintendo Sega Genesis Megadrive Hard Drivin' Sony Playstation Saturn Evolution C64 Commodore Amiga Tandy computer PC Arcade Crazy Cars Titus Hot Run The Kris Hatlelid Year 1989 EGA VGA CGA Computer Street Supercars Super cars car redline redlining Outrun 2006 Coast to Top Gear 911 DOSbox Flatout Flat Out Testdrive TNFS NFSCheats TDU TD2 Viper Mopar Ford Motorcraft Chevy Chevrolet Mr. Goodwrench American Muscle General Motors GM Motor City Race California Dreams CPC Amstrad Sinclair Shelby Diner GT 500 pink slips Hot Pursuit Road Challenge Ford videogame games racing driving American Graffiti Culture

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Street Rod 2: Winning the Game
Beating the King at the drag race, Muholland Drive, and the aqueduct. I used the newer Corvette (souped up to 126 MPH with slicks)

Evolution and history of Test Drive (1987-2011)
Test Drive is a series of racing video games. Originally published by Accolade, which was later bought by Infogrames, the first game was released in 1987 and has since been followed by several sequels. The Test Drive games are now published by Atari, the name which Infogrames renamed itself to in 2003. In Test Drive, the player typically uses one of several exotic performance cars to race to a finish line against opponents or in a time limit, while avoiding traffic and police. 1987- Test Drive 1989 Test Drive II The Duel 1990 Test Drive 3 the Passion 1997 Test Drive 4 1998 Test Drive 5 1999 Test Drive 6 2001 TD Overdrive 2004 Test Drive Eve of Destruction 2006 Test Drive Unlimited 2011 Test Drive Unlimited II

Test Drive History (1987 - 2010)
1. Test Drive 1 2. Test Drive: The Duel 3. Test Drive: The Passion 4. Test Drive 4 5. Test Drive: Off-road 6. Test Drive 5 7. Test Drive: Off-road 2 8. Test Drive 6 9. Test Drive: Off-road 3 10. Test Drive 2002 11. Test Drive Unlimited 12. Test Drive Unlimited 2

Amiga Longplay North & South Played by ScHlAuChi To everyone who says i suck, you do not understand the purpose of what this video is about, its NOT about owning the enemy, its about showing all the possibilities this game offers, all ways you can die, all moves, etc.... So anyone who comments that i suck will get blocked, not because he is correct that i play "bad" in this video, but for not reading this video info before commenting! One of my favorite 2 player games - i always played this with friends.