2stroke V8 Rudezon

Evinrude 300XP -91 After a few hours in the workshop.. The expansion chambers are "home made" by hydroforming. The original Exhaust is milled away and the engine block is filled whit plastic. This engine will get electronic fuel injection and will not be used in a boat.. www.facebook.com/rudezon

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2-stroke V8 Volvo Amazon Dragracing Linköping Sweden

Rudezon, first startup in the car!
New electronic injection and ignition. Our first test in the car.

2stroke V8 Teaser Rudezon
This is a prewiev of what has happend in our workshop since last movie. Soon we will fire it up with electronic ignition. Please visit us at: www.facebook.com/rudezon

2takts V8 Rudezon