what the Z06 sounds like at WOT

some spirited driving with the Z: muffler mod and flaps open all the time. Sounds like a race car at WOT! The burble and poping on decel is very deceiving in the video, it sounds much nicer in real.

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Corvette Z06 Autobahn
Smooth drive with my Corvette Z06 See more: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yo-mfLqK8hE http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CSA82d7Zq0M

WOT - Dad taking Corvette Z06 for a fun ride 1/2
Mods: B&B-PRT Exhaust Random Technology - High Flow Cats Stainless 2-3/4" X-Pipe Intake Vararam VR-B2

2008 Z06 Playing Around
First attempt of me putting a video together of my 2008 Z06. Just out playing around. Footage shot with my GoPro2. Go easy on me but tips and tricks are appreciated!!

Mom's reaction to Corvette Z06 *graphic mommy talk* IG:@Ton_Finnhead
Decided to take my mom out in my dream car that I was fortunate enough to buy. Def was a moment to share. LMAO love ya Mom *filmed in Mexico* road literally had one vehicle on it so stop whining https://youtu.be/Cnwwfu96EXc