A very fast mower

My newest creation, still in the works

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Small Block Tractor Test Run
This is a short hastily throw together video of me trying out my sister's pulling tractor. There is something I should make clear before it is asked: 1) Yes I am wearing Crocs. 2) It was laundry day, I don't normally ride around in over sized sweat pants, tee shirt, and some Crocs. 3) I don't care what you think about Crocs.

$25,000 ATV Banshee Grudge Run @ A SHITTY TRACK R&R Performance vs Tim Mills Racing..
$25,000 ATV Banshee Grudge Run @ A SHITTY TRACK with R&R Performance (Petey) vs TMR Tim Mills Racing the 1st ever from Macon National Dragway..Street Racing from the TOP END and running off the TREE after Dark.. 75-100 of the fastest Banshees from the North and South also a few Grudge Bikes and Cars..Event coverage by: Bike Paparazzi Music: Done Deal ft. EXXO Got IT ALL WRONG!!

Mower Mud Runs 2014 (Cony-Roaders)
One EPIC event! Please drop a LIKE & SHARE if you enjoyed the video! Big thanks to the Cony-Roaders for inviting me out! Stay tuned for more footage of the After-Party! Get notified of new videos immediately! Like me on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/fearlessfront

Briggs V Twin Racing Mower
Briggs and Stratton Vanguard V-Twin Racing Mower