Supercharged Probe GT

Testing out my switched supercharged probe gt with the new pulley on. Boosting 5psi, eaton m62 blower transfer shaft kit that I made.

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Switched supercharged Probe GT
SOLD!!!Switched eaton m62 Supercharger kit on my 94' probe gt running at 5psi.

supercharged Probe klze
Here's my motor before I put it in, rebuild klze,rebuild trans mad things on it powder coated new pulleys etc...

ProbeGT vs Cammed SS Vs Supercharged 5.0
Probe GT.- hx35 turbo, low Boost around 360whp, slipping clutch Cammed SS- full bolt-on ,gear,Tune,Cam. Head, Intake Supercharged 5.0- conservative Tune, full Bolton, boss intake manifold

My Supercharged Probe (Eaton M62 + KLZE + Megasquirt)