Illegal Modifications, haha!

Me at HIN Columbus, I saw two Ohio State Troopers looking under the hood of this SRT4 and I just had to be a smartass and ask if they were looking for illegal modifications, lol!

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This is a special report on illegal Street Racing. Parts of this was shot during two recent Drag-net Bust's on airport Drive in Ontario, Ca The Bust was Sept 27th 2008 not 2009 "typo"

PRL Motorsports Turbo 8thgen Civic Si
GTX3071r powered Honda Civic Si. Making about 450whp at 15psi with a piston/rod K20 (9.8:1 c/r) on pump gas with the PRL Motorsport Kit. We're at the limits of the 1000cc injectors on pump gas. Dyno stopped reading at 8000 rpms, revved to 8500, Final Dyno reading was 439 whp and 312 torque.

Truckers stop pursuit
Truckers help police stop a dangerous chase and may have possibly saved lives that day. This IS the real video guys!! If you want to see the fake video, it's called "How to out cycle a police car"

Altered Bodies Season One Premiere: Discrimination with Sarah Bizarra.
Episode one of Altered Bodies. HY4FKB4