vw open 2009 hawaii pauter

heikki vags new racer from hawaii, pauter big block, terminators, etc. this was a shake down pass.

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Motor Pauter 3500cc VW a AR (aircooled) - Eduardo

vw open 2009 jussi v8
jussi jyranko, v8 bug from sweden, traction problems, vw open 2009

darkness at the dynoday 2009
my dailydriver beater panelvan on the Dyno. i dont know anything else ´bout the engine except: its a 1500 cc block, yellow paint in the valve springs, dual 36mm webers, dirty aircleaners... and some improvements in the oilcooling. :-) it goes well & was pretty cheap...thats about it :-)

boring 94mm holes in vw case
On the Bridgeport mill, done in two stages for a step up, one for the piston and one for the cylinder. Many people bore the hole without a step, but Ray Vallero likes to leave more material there for strength integrity.