Jeep cummins diesel 4x4 Quebec 4bt

Jeep tj conversion CUMMINS 4bt,Intercooler, transmission nv4500 ,np,241, lift kit rought contry ,gear 4.10, differentielle 8.8 ford,disc brake, Jeep TJ convertie au Quebec, pour information me contacter 450-898-6222 ou mail

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cummins diesel jeep
this is my yj with a cummins 4bt taking it for a ride,nv4500,37" irocks,dana 44's,and np 231

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4bt cummins jeep
me on camp lejeune with my cummins powered 4bt jeep

Kevin Silovich's turbo DIESEL '98 TJ WRANGLER... JEEP Drive Train 3.9 Cummins 4bt turbo Diesel cut down 6bt Exhaust manifold cut down 6bt intake plate w/ air horn he341 turbo NV4500 trans Atlas II (3.0) 1979 Ford HP D60 (ARB, Factory Ten Chromoly's, 4.56, Artec Trust, Ried Racing Knuckles) 1985 14b (ARB, 4.56, shaved to 13b, Artec Trust) 40" Goodyear MTR Old School (1st set) ORI Struts (14") Armor TnT hi-line zeros Custom made boat sides Custom made phantom hi-line front fenders. Interior Custom Roll cage w/ integrated dash Corbeau Baja Ultra SS seats Custom Tool box in the rear Fuel cell behind the seats. Specs 105-106" Wheelbase 5" rear stretch 7"ish front stretch 22" at skid plate 5.5" up travel 8.5" down travel Total amount of lift over stock around 4-5"