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HKT RS Clubsport Super Seven - 400PS @ 670kg - Acceleration | Performance Test No.1
May I introduce? HKT RS Clubsport Super 7 - Lotus Super Seven Replika 670kg ready to start with filled tank Modded Audi turbo 1.8T Engine 400Ps @ 1.4bar Torque over 600Nm Sequential Drenth Gearbox The uniqueness of this street legal race car lies in the fact, that it generates insane driving performance both driving straight forward and in curves. This Super Seven can easily accelerate from 100 to 200 km/h in less than 5 seconds making it faster than cars like Porsche, Lamborghini, Koenigsegg and Ferrari. It's a real beast and something that will teach you the meaning of "respect"! However, this was the first Testrun with the new Garrett turbocharger GT35R and there's still some need for fine calibration. There will be new Vids when we reach satisfactory results. Acceleration from 0-200km/h should be possible in under 8 seconds. With the current gear ratio the top speed is estimated at around 280km/h / 180Mph (GPS). ------------------------------ For the production of this performance test 3 HD Video Cameras were used. The Aim Race MXL Pista System provides Telemetric Data, like vehicle speed and RPM, directly from the Engine Control Unit (ECU). The logged Data was analyzed and exported with Race Studio 2 Analysis and overlayed with RaceRender/Dashware. Update interval/Sampling Rate: 20Hz (0.05 Second) Based on the update frequency, the recorded data is as accurate as from other professional Data Logging Devices like Aim Strada, Mycron, Race Logic VBox, Drift Box or Performance Box. ------------------------------ Stay retarded! Like, Favorite & Comment! And Share if you like it... Subscribe on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheDonV8 # Search relevant Slogans could be Ford Mustang GT V8 – Drifting on Public Streets and in Traffic GT 500 Shelby 4.6 5.0 l Coyote Colin Chapman 2005 2010 2011 2013 2014 2015 2016 On-board Onboard Time Attack Speedrun on German Country Road with Telemetry Telemetrie + Drift Drifts Burnout Burnouts & Donuts Dodge Charger Challenger Hellcat JP Performance Car Porn Ford GT 40 Querly no Sound Ken Block Vince Vaughn Gittin jr Chris Harris on Cars /Drive Crash Top Gear Fifth Gear Cartecjahn Valve Exhaust Klappenauspuff Hill Climb Bmw 1er M 135i M3 M4 E30 E46 E90 Cadillac Cts-V Ctsv Corvette Zr1 Z06 Nissan GT-R Street Race Supercharged Lamborghini Gallardo Aventador Sema JP turbo Borla Slp Loudmouth Magnaflow Ford Racing Akrapovic Eisenmann Eleanor 1976 Universal MindWorks Electric Federal Grip – Das Motormagazin Pimpstarlife SWK TRR Superretards Pypes Bomb Straight Pipes extreme loud very retarded Lotus Super Seven Replica HKT RS GTS R Clubsport Seven Düchting Donkervoort RCB Drenth Gearbox sequentiell Hot Lap Mustang Boss Laguna Seca GT350 GT500 The Don V8 TheDonV8 Car Rig Shot Evl Skillz Vossen Wheels Rims advevo devinsupertramp lukecustoms TheHoonigans Grenzgänger Grenzgaenger Race Logic Racelogic Drift Box Driftbox Performance Box VBOX Aim MXL Pista Strada Race Mycron Unipro Memotec Race Render Dashware Data Logging GPS Lap Timer Speedometer Motorsport Leave it to a German in an American Car #

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SUZUKI GSX-R 750 K8 VS. CATERHAM SUPER SEVEN turbo Datum: 07.06.2012-Zufälliges Aufeinandertreffen :-) GIXXER: 150PS CATERHAM: ~350PS auf 600kg (Neuer Motor aus SAAB 2,3L 16V turbo) Ort: Autobahn A30 Löhne-Bruchmühlen 1.Run: ab 4:05 2.Run: ab 4:40 3.Run: ab 6:25