acura mdx off road

Володарка 2011

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Acura MDX in the sand.

Acura MDX Offroad Joshua Tree Park 1

Acura RDX Turbo Kills Ford Mustang GT
Just on my way to pick up my mom from work, just had to do it!

Acura SH-AWD traction test: MDX vs. RX350
This ramp test compares Acura's SH-AWD system against other all-wheel drive systems. It demonstrates how well an all-wheel drive system can get a vehicle moving if only one wheel has traction. All vehicles were tested with their traction control systems turned ON. For this test, rollers are used to simulate an icy surface. The right rear roller is covered with a plate, making this the only wheel with traction. The test is stopped the moment any wheel hits an inside guardrail (which would give the vehicle additional traction). In theory, any modern AWD system with traction control should be able to get a vehicle moving if one wheel has traction. But as this test demonstrates, the reality is that this is not the case - especially if the vehicle is on an incline. The steeper the incline, the harder the AWD and traction control systems must work to get the vehicle moving. All tests were monitored and certified by USAC, an independent third party.