Drag Racing my 1987 Ford Ranger Vs Chevy 1 ton 454

I won this round i think i did like about 65 mph @ 20 seconds i cant remember the exact time but its around there, and i took off my glasspack so i would be loud at the races, it was too quiet when i was doing time trials with it on. This was at woodburn drag strip at the thunder truck drags 2012

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1995 12 Valve Cummins 0-60 mph
A quick video of my new 12 valve cummins doing a 0-60. Not stock at all. Has 3.5" straight pipe Exhaust, K&N drop in filter, and some pump work done but not sure of what. Still has the 2600 spring unfortunately

12v71 Cornfield Corvette Drag Run
Here is that spectacular International Transtar that's known as "Cornfield Corvette" that pretty much races once a year and sits for the rest of the time lol. 12v71TT, lots of fuel, and all go. It ran a 13.20 @ 107 mph.

Cold Start - 95 12 Valve Cummins, No Grid Heater, Not Plugged in
Here is my 95' Dodge Ram 12v starting up in 27F (around -3c for everyone else in the world). No grid heater, not plugged in. It lopes pretty good! My truck disappeared in the cloud of smoke. Where did it go?!

1987 Ford Ranger 2.3 55-70 MPH 5th Gear Pull
so sloooooooooooow, but it sounds cool with the open cone filter and thrush glasspack. And no, my cone filter is not called a cold air intake because it's drawing in all the heat from under the hood