Saw 3D (The Horsepower Trap)

A man named Evan wakes up, glued to the driver's seat of a car that is propped up on its hind wheels. Evan is told by a tape placed in the tape deck of the car that his friends are in the garage with him and are also a part of his game, and that in order to prevent them from dying through a chain of events, he must reach a lever located in front of him on the outer side of the windshield within 30 seconds. One of his friends Dan is located behind the car, with his arms and jaw chained to the rear end of the car, and his body to a pole behind it. His girlfriend Kara is strapped down underneath one of the propped-up wheels, and his third friend Jake is chained to the garage door directly in front of the car. In order to pull the lever, Evan has to reach forward and tear a massive portion of his skin off to disconnect from the car seat. The stationary car is also slowly accelerating as the timer counts down. Evan eventually fails to reach far enough in time and the car's hind wheels are released, causing one of the wheels to fall onto Kara's face, crushing it. The accelerating car then speeds in the direction of the garage door and rips Dan chained to the car's arms and jaw off, while speeding through and ultimately killing Jake chained to the garage door. The trap ends with the car having a head on collision with another empty car outside of the garage and Evan being thrown through the window by the impact.

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SAW Music Trap - RAYACTIVE (Full HD)
RayActive Production proudly presents "SAW Music Trap" for halloween 2012. CAST Lucy CONWAY: Carine GANSEN Sarah CONWAY: Tamara SONDAG Dave FARMER: Sven GERARD Richard KELLER: Yves KESSELER based on the film series "SAW" 1-7 (2004-2010). PS: did you see slender man ?

Saw 3D (The Metal Casket)
Bobby Dagen regains consciousness to find himself inside of a cylindrical metal cage that is resting in the center of a large dark room. Upon waking, the rules of his overall game are revealed by Billy the puppet, appearing on a television screen, and a timer nearby begins to count down from 60 minutes. At this point a pulley device on the ceiling activates and quickly pulls the cage, by chains connected to either side of it, towards the ceiling. As Bobby's cage is lifted off the floor, two grated platforms are released and jointly fall to the area of the floor beneath the cage, both armed with large metal rods jutting upwards towards it. When the cage is hoisted to the top of the room, Bobby notices a lever above him and haphazardly pulls it, opening the bottom of the cage, causing him to fall, but just barely managing to grasp the sides of the cage in time. Bobby struggles to maintain his grasp on the cage's bars because should he fall, he would be impaled by the metal rods on the grated platforms below. By swinging the cage back and forth and timing his jump to land past the spiked platforms, he manages to escape and progresses up a flight of stairs and onto his next test.

Saw III (Jeff's Final Test)
Saw III (Jeff's Final Test)