Cobb Tuned BMW 335i vs SCT Bama Tune 5.0 Mustang

335i = Cobb Tune, ETS FMIC, 15.5psi...326hp/390ftlbs (Mustang Dyno) 5.0 Mustang = SCT Bama Tune, 3" Catback Catless X-Pipe, Steeda Intake...@415-425hp...

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BMW 335i vs. Camaro SS
335i mods: JB3 2.0 BMS Dual Cone Intake Raceland Downpipes

2012 Mustang GT 5.0 w/ JLT and Bama Tune vs. 700+ HP Pontiac G8
Newly added JLT CAI and Bama Tune 1/4 mile runs with nearly bald 275 street tires. Featuring 700+ HP Procharged Pontiac G8, 2013 Mustang GT w/Track Pack, 2007 Roush Stage 2

2011 Mustang GT 5.0L 4V In Car with Bama SCT Custom Tuning
An inside view of our Automatic 2011 Mustang GT with Bama Custom Tunes. This shows the potential of the Automatic transmission with a good transmission calibration! It shifts at just a hair over 7000RPM in every gear, and throttle response is awesome! We solved the 2-3 shift problem, and made the whole car shift faster/harder when you're on the throttle! We rolled into the throttle because the car just goes sideways if we mash it. You can't really hear it because of the Exhaust, but the car will chirp and/or spin 1-2, 2-3, and 3-4 effortlessly. Bama Custom Tuned SCT programmers are a great modification for any late-model Mustang GT.

2007 BMW 335i Cobb Stage 1 0-65mph pull
0-65 dead stop. Cobb Accessport stage 1 aggressive map, muffler delete, everything else bone stock. Oh also, this was an uphill pull, like not a slight slanted pavement, but actually up hill.