Here Comes the Munster Koach

video montage of the Munster Koach built by George Barris for the TV show The Munsters

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Check out the Munster Koach at the 2015 Dead Mans Curve Wild Hot Rod Weekend
It is to cool to see one of the three coaches built for the Munsters by George Barris, it is another thing to see it driving! It is built on a stretched '27 T touring chassis and is powered by a Ford Cobra V8 from Ford direct. Count the stacks...Yes, there are that many carbs, and it works! For more great events like this visit your regional calendar of events, and

Munster Koach starting and running!!! To cool!!
It is great to see this one of 3 kouches George Barris built for the series. Yes, Ed drove this car! Now you will see it running!! Almost like our favorite Munster episode. This was taken at the 2015 Wild Hot Rod Weekend, Mahwah, NJ by Dead Mans Curve. For more photos, videos and your regional calendar of events, visit

1964 The Munsters Dragula Drag-U-LA Coffin Car at Volo Auto Museum - My Car Story with Lou Costabile
On "My Car Story" we're in Volo IL on 10-20-14. We're looking at a 1964 Munster Dragula Coffin Car from the 1964-1966 TV show the Munsters. Today I'm speaking with Brian Grams, Director of the Volo Auto Museum. The car's located at Volo Auto Museum, 27582 Volo Village Rd., Volo IL 60073. Web site is If you love cars (Hollywood, Classic, Muscle), and Military equipment, memorabilia, and mementos then you must stop by this location. ENJOY!

Hot Rod Herman - 1965
Eddie volunteers Herman in a drag-strip competition. After souping up the Munster Coach and dressing in black leathers and talking like Marlon Brando from The Wild One, Herman loses his car in a bet on a drag race. In a rematch, Grandpa builds and races in the "Dragula," a hot rod coffin on wheels! Cool George Barris custom cars! Please like us on Facebook: Info: