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How fuel injector works diesel and how to clean spray the nozzle

Testing Diesel Fuel Injectors Learn how to test diesel fuel injectors in your John Deere New Generation tractor.

From the Nissan Pathfinder pickup I was rebuilding - Td27 Nissan fuel injection pump and nozzles calibrated at my favorite calibration center... We found out that the nozzles installed by the previous owner were for Mitsubishi assemblies. We then installed the correct Nissan nozzles after calibration. The first nozzle shown was the wrong nozzle type; the second nozzle that has a proper spray pattern is the correct type - has correct spray pattern.

How deposit control additives deliver optimal diesel engine performance
Deposits on fuel injectors can cause significant losses in performance in diesel engines, especially in those more modern engines with high pressure common rail injection systems. Conventional nozzle tip deposits accumulate in and around the injector spray holes that direct fuel into the cylinder in preparation for combustion. These deposits affect the quality of the spray pattern, leading to less than optimal combustion efficiency. Internal diesel injector deposits, also known as IDID, are deposits that occur deeper inside the injector and affect the ability of moving parts to keep up with the demands of complex fuel injection sequences. Higher quality diesel fuels contain deposit control additives that effectively remove both nozzle tip deposits and IDID, helping to return intended fuel delivery to the combustion chamber. This leads to engine performance improvements, such as restored power and fuel efficiency, reduced emissions, and overall better driveability.