Single Turbo Supra Burnout

Roger laying strips in his 74mm built motor supra. In this clip the car was running pump 93 octane and making about 610 RWHP.

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Bulletproof Mercedes Benz - Not So Bulletproof!
Testing the bullet resistant Mercedes 1 level further then the 9MM. This is a partial scene from Super Speeders 7 - The Final Lap. Rent these Super Speeders full movies on YouTube. Super Speeders 3 - On The Run Super Speeders 4 - Head to Head Super Speeders 5 - Out of Control Super Speeders 6 - Flat Out Super Speeders 7 - The Final Lap For DVDs Blurays or Merchandise visit Facebook - Twitter - @robferretti Instagram - #robferretti Also can rent and download all movies in HD on Vimeo.

NY Exotic Car Rally from inside Super Speeders 750 rwhp Corvette (raw footage)
20 minutes of driving from inside the Super Speeders Corvette on an Exotic car Drive a few years back. It ends with a sudden panic stop by the crowd when a cop appeared. UNfortunately I was under full acceleration and had to lock up the tires flat spotting a brand new set of Pilot Sport Cup tires.

Super Speeders Single Turbo Supra on Airstrip
1998 Supra with forged motor and 76mm Billet turbo running C16 and 31lbs of Boost. Dyno'd 931 RWHP as it sits. Driving on Hoosier A6 tires. Car only has 19k original miles so maintains full interior. Obviously not the most ideal place to demonstrate the supras ability, nor does it make any sense to launch off the two step, just think it sounds awesome when you do and it smokes up em nice. Build video coming soon.

4 Door Mercedes Races V12 Lamborghini
Mercedes never seems to skimp on horsepower on their $ix Figure cars. We line up a stock 2007 S65 with 4 passengers against a V12 Lamborghini Mucielago. Outcome is closer than you might think. This was a partial scene from Super Speeders 4 Head to Head Filmed in 2007. Lamborghini Crash Rob Buys NSX Road Trip with Valentino Balboni Super Speeders 3 trailer