iRacing Daytona 500 2012 race cockpit movie

**I tested hard bump drafting with my friend and it was very very stable in this build even if you are pushed hard as long as you don't lift off or steer hasty. believe me, usually i am driving with more soft bumping! lol** This is 2012 Daytona 500 cockpit movie. My split has yellow in only 2 laps and I took a part of the reason for 2nd yellow at lap 14 and had let outside car retire, sorry about that, the car backed from apron push me outside. the LCD gauge:

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race sim cockpit 20100906 iRacing Mustang
my new and updated SUS aluminum SF2-30 frame cockpit. G25 + Red MOMO Force steering wheel(G25 steering is too thin for me), G25 re-positioned naked pedals(G25 A/B pedal gap/layout is too bad), NIXIM G25 brake MOD, G25 H-pattern shifter. Ford Mustang FR500S at Lime Rock Park, some laps in Open Practice session. camera position is higher than eye point. *lap data lap0=pitout lap1=01:00.239 lap2=01:01.176 lap3=00:59.352 lap4=00:58.687 lap5=00:59.051 (off track) lap6=00:58.096 lap7=00:58.405 *latest modifies *cockpit history softth + momo force on desk 22" wide single monitor + ispeed + momo force 19" x3 + th2go + momo force 22" wide single + momo force (no movie) basic 17" single monitor + momo force どうやらシフトダウンを伴う減速時が一番うるさいです ね。AまたはCペダルを解放して戻って止まったときの音 な。 #直前に雨が降ったので洗濯物は取り込んでおきました