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Ghost Rider - Joking with Cops

Ghost Rider - Joking with Cops


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Yamaha R1 vs Police (SAAB 9-5 Aero)
*** EDIT: The officer driving the police car was later sentenced to pay a ticket, 19.000 SEK (€ 2000 // $ 2850). The reason was he didn´t obey order to abort pursuit and he didn´t had the permission to cut the bike off.*** Video from Sweden. An unmarked police car chases an Yamaha R1 -01. Seems like the police doesn´t use their sirens. The driver of the police car was later charged for not obey order. 6.34 he receives the order to abort the pursuit. And yes, the guy on the R1 didn´t have the skills to keep the speed up!

Gostt Rider Vs Police - Ghost Rider Win
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Ghost Rider Getaway at Stockholm Part1
Live to ride, ride to live!

Road Rage & Car Crashes in America (USA) 2015 HD
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Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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