Umberto Bitching It!

A guy who thinks hes big gets scared and gets on his knee's and sez sorry

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Corey Worthington Party Boy Bashed
Video from ACA on 30th January 2008 of Corey Delany/Worthington being bashed in park in Fountain Lakes Melbourne

Welcome to Macca's Melbourne
A girl walks past, collects rubbish, but security dont approve.

Going it alone
Vince Focarelli may be a marked man, but he's refusing offers of police protection when he emerges from hospital

Does Australian Cops hate Wogs?? Get over the spelling..
We made eye contact with the cops on one set of the lights.. then we drove of we were in front and drove pass a amber light.. it was still amber when we crossed it.. but these pigs wanted to fine us.. Get over the fkn spelling i got a 13 year old to do the editing so stop pointing out how there is spelling mistakes like you sum legend.