GT35R Single Turbo on my 93 RX-7

I'm so excited to be installing an A-Spec GT35R turbo kit. While I'm getting ready for DGRR (deals gap rotary rally) I'm doing a single turbo conversion from my stock twins. ASpec GT 35R ball bearing turbo. T4 Exhaust housing. SARD fuel pressure regulator 550 pri and 1680cc secondary injectors 6AN fuel lines Polished and blocked off LIM lower intake manifold.

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Why I picked the GT35R for my RX-7 over the stock twin turb
I cover the basics of turbochargers in simple terms to explain why I chose the GT35R over T04Z or T78 or T88 etc. It's all about air flow. Sure there are technologies that make the turbo more efficient in more applications but the turbo is most efficient in an area known as the compressor map. Exhaust back pressure plays a huge part when dealing with quick spool small turbos. Large turbos deal with spool up and lag (commonly description) I chose the GT35r for near stock spool up with more efficient 400 hp generation

15PSI on my GT35R single turbo RX-7
Watch as I beat on my RX-7. Ever wonder what no BOV sounds like? Ever wonder if you can hear water injection? Have all of your questions answered in this video

$500 Craiglist Car Challenge. Ep 2. RIP Limo Doors
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Single Turbo FD RX-7 - "Pop Your Hood, Bro" - Episode 32
John Gappa lets us take a look at his T04R single turbo FD RX-7. It's currently running 8 PSI, soon to be 20+ this spring. 8 PSi is around 300 HP, my guess anyway. John's goal for the car is over 500 when it's finished being tuned this spring. Filmed with: Sony A7s 2jz 1jz 13b Related channels: haggard garage keep drifting fun regular car reviews the smoking tire toms turbo garage ricer miata 1320 video