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Under the Hood: 1983 Honda CB550 Nighthawk

Check out my Primary Channel: (http://www.youtube.com/gurilla47) Check out the ASP's Blog: (http://autoshowcaseproject.blogspot.com/) Looking at a 1983 Honda 550CB Nighthawk or CB550 owned by Tim. It just occurred to me that I presented a few incorrect informational errors about the motorcycle. The Annotations will have the correct info. Under the Seat: I4 572CC DOHC Air-Cooled with 4 (27mm ) Keihin CV Carburetors, a 6-Speed Manual Gearbox Trans., and Drive Shaft Information: The 550 Nighthawk was a "One Year Wonder." Low maintenance, but high performance. Stock/OEM Performance: 64 bhp @ 9500 rpm 36.5 lb.-ft. @ 8000 rpm Stock/OEM Timed Performance: 12.64 sec. @ 102.27 mph in the Quarter Mile 0-60mph 4.8 sec. Sources: http://hondanighthawks.net/550.htm Don't forget to leave a Comment and SUBSCRIBE!


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Honda CB500/550 History 1971-1978
All colors and years of the Honda CB500/550 and 550F. The middleweight between the 750four and the 350four and some say the best of both. 1971 CB500 K0 Candy Starlight Gold - Candy Jade Green - Candy Garnet Brown 1972 CB500 K1 Candy Gold - Candy Jade Green - Candy Garnet Brown 1973 CB500 K2 Flake Sunrise Orange - Maxim Brown Metallic - Candy Bucchus Olive 1974 CB550 K0 Flake Sunrise Orange - Boss Maroon Metallic - Freedom Green Metallic 1975 CB550 K1 Flake Sunrise Orange - Candy Garnet Brown - Candy Jade Green 1975 CB550 F Flake Sunrise Orange - Candy Sapphire Blue 1976 CB550 K2 Candy Garnet Brown 1976 CB550 F Shiny Orange - Flake Sapphire Blue 1977 CB550 K3 Candy Garnet Brown - Excell Black 1977 CB550 F Candy Sword Blue - Candy Presto Red 1978 CB550 K4 Candy Alpha Red - Excell Black Music "Steam Punks" by Wesworks Modesto Ca.

Honda CB 550 SC Nighthawk
A walk around of the bike

Under the Hood: 2004 Dodge Neon SRT-4
Check out my Primary Channel: (http://www.youtube.com/gurilla47) Check out the ASP's Blog: (http://autoshowcaseproject.blogspot.com/) Looking at the engine of a 2004 Dodge SRT-4 owned by ELPacman. Subscribe to him here: http://www.youtube.com/ELPacman Under the Hood: turbocharged 2.4L I4 16-Valve Twin Cam (DOHC) Engine with a Manual Gearbox Trans., FWD Modifications: Has a modified Stage 1 turbo. Cold Air Intake - AGP. Aftermarket Wastegate. 3-Inch MPX Catless Exhaust Greddy Oil Catch Can Greddy Type S Blow Off Valve Information: Built in Belvidere, IL Engine Model: A853 Transmission: New Venture Gear T-850 5-Speed Manual Stock/OEM turbo: Mitsubishi TD04LR-16Gk Stock/OEM Performance (2003 SRT-4 Model): 215-235 horsepower 245 lb-ft of torque Stock/OEM Timed Performance (2003 SRT-4 Model): Car and Driver: 0-60 in 5.6 seconds, top speed 153 mph Sport Compact Car: 0-60 in 5.8 seconds, quarter mile 14.2 seconds. Sources From: http://www.allpar.com/ http://www.wikipedia.org/ Don't forget to leave a Comment and SUBSCRIBE!

What a ride it's been!
I miss this bike allot... I've wanted to make this for a while now. This video begins with some of my first motovloging moments, and tells the story of my trip to the West this past April. Most of the footage in this video is new (to you :) I hope to inspire others to go adventuring by motorcycle. I'm hooked and I will be doing it again! If you really wanna see more of any part of the trip, let me know The approximate trip route: http://goo.gl/maps/w9egJ Clip locations: 1:46 - 34.934345, -109.782577 1:52 - 35.211656, -111.603565 2:03 - 35.264540, -118.633213 2:12 - 35.305239, -118.583805 2:14 - 35.314765, -118.517404 2:18 - 35.312654, -118.409358 2:24 - 35.657238, -118.430303 2:32 - 35.655036, -118.343038 2:36 - 35.660777, -118.021472 3:01 - 36.409902, -117.839094 3:12 - 36.572768, -117.992570 3:18 - 37.933918, -119.023929 3:29 - 37.942664, -119.026947 3:34 - 37.904796, -118.988449 3:38 - 37.881472, -118.942740 3:52 - 37.887012, -118.880981 3:58 - 38.694292, -119.988707 4:02 - 38.906231, -120.001222 4:06 - 38.948703, -120.092379 4:23 - 39.810796, -120.469264 4:26 - 41.199137, -123.759353 (approx) 4:38 - 41.141154, -123.857464 5:47 - 41.303466, -124.018175 5:54 - 41.582931, -124.082343 5:59 - 41.594007, -124.098322 6:16 - 41.645013, -124.113566 6:20 - 41.041514, -124.119353 6:33 - 41.466591, -124.039338 6:40 - 41.449204, -124.038691 (approx) 6:50 - 40.271450, -123.865013 (approx) 7:07 - 40.352046, -124.004767 7:20 - 39.856520, -123.730028 (approx) 8:24 - 39.779906, -123.825656 8:28 - 39.697156, -123.800012 (approx) ...whew! more to come... Music: 0:00 -- The Path of the Goblin King, Kevin MacLeod 1:42 -- Patterns, Solar Fields 4:05 -- Grow Till Tall, Jónsi 8:35 -- Limelight, Apparat 12:20 -- Deep Haze, Kevin MacLeod

How to sync carbs on a motorcycle
This video demonstrates the procedure to synchronize a carburetor on a 1977 Honda CB550. It is really important, especially for bikes of this vintage, to synchronize your carbs at the beginning of every riding season or after any repair or adjustment to the carbs. This bike still needs some work to be road ready, but it has a lot of potential and is super cafe racer cool. If you are attempting to do this procedure yourself and have any questions before you start, feel free to let me know. That's the good thing about Youtube, FREE INFORMATION FOR ALL!!!!! EDIT: Here are a few edits I would like to make to this video after watching it a couple of times. 1. Make sure your carb synch comes after everything else in a normal tune up. This includes Valve clearances, cam chain tension, spark plug gap/cleaning, point gap, ignition timing, air filter cleaning/replacement, and all the air bleed screw settings should be checked. 2. Engine speed for a carb synch should be around 1500rpms if possible. 3. The adjuster screw lockdown nuts should always be re-tightened after adjustment (I forgot to show it)

1975 Honda CB550 Cafe Racer Flat Tracker Style Not a CB750
Gerald Prendergast of Cypress, California shows us his custom cafe racer (with a bit of flat tracker added) that he built in his garage from a 1975 Honda CB550.

1983 Honda nighthawk, chopper, midway through the build
starting my chopper for the second time, after finishing the pipes on both sides. still need to install baffles and wrap the pieps with header wrap. build the forward controls, rear fender, rear seat and sissy bar, changeout front light and more, but its almost there.


Honda CB550 Cafe Racer
77' cb550f work in progress. Test run. Missed second gear.... Just a slow work in progress.

Honda Nighthawk 750
This was my 1992 Nighthawk (CB750). I rode the bike for several years. I was very happy with the bike. It was a good, all-around ride. I eventually sold the bike just to get something a little bigger. I post this video just for the benefit of anyone who is interested in a Nighthawk. The bike was as dependable as they come, simple to maintain, and not slow, either. Gas mileage was typically 45 MPG or higher. I miss my Nighthawk, and highly recommend one to anyone who is interested.

250 Afternoon Ride
First day of actual riding on my beat up little Nighthawk 250 after I fixed the carb, changed the spark plugs, and changed the oil. Obviously I'm not a real experienced rider or a very good video editor but it was a fun ride Parallel twin with 67K Miles on it!! My design modifications: http://pressuretestrec.com/media/cl/bike/IMG_0059.jpg http://pressuretestrec.com/media/cl/bike/DSC_3504.jpg Currently I ride a Seca II, check it out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XhJDjjLvAME and here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D-zKe0k5Fas

SocoMoto: 1976 honda CB550 Top End Rebuild- gaskets, rings, o-rings and valve lapping (part1)
Rebuilding a top end for a 1976 honda cb550... includes removal and installation, gaskets, rings, etc

Cafe Racer (Honda CB 550 by Raccia Motorcycles)
(Legendado em Português) If you are an enthusiast of the Honda Cb 750 cafe racer, you are going to love this video. Review of one of the most beautiful Honda's Cb Four Cafe Racer that I ever seen. The man behind this project, is Mike Lafountain, owner of Raccia Motorcycles, in Los Angeles.


CB550 Cafe Racer Walk-Around
1978 Honda CB550 / Cafe Racer This bike was build by Pete Chase of Cafe Cycles, RI www.cafecyclesri.com

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