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Check TruTV for the complete episode. Fair Use Conspiracy Theory ALL NEW 10PM Wednesdays TV-14-LV Jesse Ventura and his team of investigators are on a mission to examine some of the most frightening and mysterious conspiracy allegations of our time. They review evidence and meet with experts and eyewitnesses to learn more about such topics as the JFK assassination, Area 51 and a possible plot to kidnap our nation's water supply. "This is my personal journey," Ventura says, "to prove that there is more to these stories than you know about."

About Illuminati - Conspiracy Theory Jesse Ventura
This is edited version of Conspiracy Theory Jesse Ventura. This clip would enlighten armatures & Truth seekers about Illuminati. I DO NOT HOLD ANY RIGHTS TO ORIGINAL VIDEO IN THIS CLIP.

Jesse Ventura on stage. illuminati exposed JESSE VENTURA ALL THE WAY! ---Subscribe for more---- No copyright infringement intended

AS EVIL AS EVIL GETS. Leave the denial at the door. Former Gov. Jesse Ventura and his crew on Conspiracy Theory have blown the FEMA camp issue wide open in a truly groundbreaking episode from the program's second season on TruTV. The "Police State" episode proves once and for all that the feds have trained to take on American citizens, planned for riots and disasters and made preparations to maintain order at any cost. This powerful episode is the largest and most in-depth investigation into FEMA camps to date-- and it is scheduled to air on television. Radio host and filmmaker Alex Jones returns to the series yet again, as the team takes you to confirmed on-the-ground facilities, confronts the legislators who authorized FEMA camps and breaks down the full-scale technologically-integrated police state that includes Fusion Centers, FEMA, the Department of Homeland Security and more. At one of many real and verified FEMA locations, Jesse Ventura and Alex Jones approach a "Residential Center" run by Homeland Security in central Texas where they find locked doors, double-fences and escape warnings around the entire perimeter. Further inside the facility, they witness a playground complex, swings and slides for children. The crew walks up to the front door and attempts to get some answers. But the officials refuse to either confirm or deny the facility's purpose, including whether or not American citizens are being held inside. However, our past investigations into this facility reveal that it has confined both children and adults, including immigrants, refugee seekers and American citizens. H. R. 645 co-sponsored Jun 10, 2010 by the following piece's of shit: REP. STEVE COHEN [D-TN] REP. JIM GERLACH [D-PA] H. R. 645