Scuderia Hanseat 2010

Video by of the Scuderia Hanseat 2010. It is a professional race-training on the Nordschleife in Germany. A lot of exotic cars on the rainy Nordschleife: Gumpert Apollo, Alfa Romeo 8C, Scuderia 16M, 430 Scuderia, SL65 AMG Black Series, SLS AMG, DBS Volante, CLK AMG DTM, Clk63 Black Series, Porsche 911 GT3, Ferrari 458, etc. etc.

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Scuderia Hanseat 2011 - Practice Day Nurburgring - Drifting, Spins, and More!!
Finally scuderia hanseat 2011 is underway, after the cancelation this year in May. Tomedelic1 records the first day of practise. You see the drivers trying to learn as much as possible to control their cars in slippery and unpredictable conditions. Scuderia hanseat is a 4 day training where the first day the new scuderia hanseat participants learn how to control their cars, and prepare them for the nordschleife. The days after will be focused on driving the ideal line at the nordschleife. If you want to learn the ideal line on the nordschleife this is the drivers training to visit. I have a second channel for more lovely action video's! Invite me as a friend and subscribe to my second channel!! Here's the link: / rickadelic1 Thanks a lot!! Tomedelic1

Scuderia Hanseat 1958 - 2008 - 50 years of driver training
The best driver training in the world, is being held at the nurburgring in Germany twice every year since 1958. People from all over the world attend to become better and safer drivers, even race car drivers come to get in shape for the season. The training consists of different modules, north-loop section training, as well as very fast, safe driving on the GP track and north-loop that is concluded with a final examination. Everything takes place in a ambience of pride and tradition, and the team behind Scuderia does a fantastic job. Scuderia Hanseat is a well-kept secret, since the numbers of cars that can attend is limited. This video will give you a sense of continuity from 1958 to now. The video was made to celebrate the 50th anniversary. See you at the ring - drive safe!

OVD Groep Rallysprint 2010
Video by of the OVD Groep Rallysprint 2010. (Veenendaal, The Netherlands) This is the short version, buy the DVD with full version at the end of 2010

Gumball 3000 Rally 2010 - Dutch border - great sounds! HD
High quality video of the Gumball 3000 Rally at Hazeldonk (The Netherlands) on 1-5-2010. The cars came from London, France, Belgium and were heading to Amsterdam.