1957 Chevy dual exhaust

57 chevy with a 350 crate drunning 300hp. Long tube headers into dual 2 chamber thrush welded mufflers

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1993 Chevy Truck loud duels
1993 chev 1500 with 305, got duel thrush welded mufflers with 2 and a half inch pipe with canadian tire chrom boom tube 3 and a half inch tips. Also has a cobra CB and a 3 and a half foot whip.

1957 chevy with cutouts
Taking the car for a short trip with open Exhaust.

Thrush welded 2 chambers 66 Nova 383 sbc 350 RWHP 370 torque
My New Thrush Welded 2 chamber mufflers with 2 1/2" Exhaust that dumps behind the wheels on my 1966 4 door Nova. A plain jane 383 + w/little blower = nice street motor 8 to1 @ 5.5-6.5lbs of Boost. 383 SBC with a Wieand 142 mini blower, Comp Cams blower cam, headers, Holley

1969 mustang mach 1 351w big cam idle pt. 2