1957 Chevy dual exhaust

57 chevy with a 350 crate drunning 300hp. Long tube headers into dual 2 chamber thrush welded mufflers

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1969 Pontiac Lemans-Small Block Chevy-3" Exhaust with Thrush Welded Mufflers
Thrush Welded Mufflers-3" Exhaust

1957 chevy 210 glasspack dual exhaust
Small block chevy with true dual 2" Exhaust with 2" glass pack

Thrush welded mufflers
Small block 350, summit headers, true duals, thrush welded mufflers with turndowns. 1984 Chevy c10.

1993 Chevy Truck loud duels
1993 chev 1500 with 305, got duel thrush welded mufflers with 2 and a half inch pipe with canadian tire chrom boom tube 3 and a half inch tips. Also has a cobra CB and a 3 and a half foot whip.