E60 M5 VS W211 E55


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M5 (E60) VS E55 (W211) Drag Race 402m
M5 (E60) VS E55 (W211) Drag Race 402m | Focus Production| FocusProGroup Focus Production Info: 577 555 300 George 555 100 200 David

M6 V10 vs CL55 with 65 V12 Biturbo Engine
m6 v10 vs cl55 with 65 v12 biturbo engine The clash of the best of German engineering v10 vs v12.

E60 M5 vs w211 E55
E55 mods: 172mm crank pulley Eurocharged Tune KN filters M5 mods: Axle back Exhaust only KN filters 2nd run, the E55 was heat soaked and also shredded the Supercharger belt and lost power.

AMG E55 vs E63
E55 E63