Acura NSX vs Dodge Viper ACR on Race Track

This Acura NSX vs Dodge Viper video was captured at the Hallett Race Track in Oklahoma. The NSX powered through the track and passed a few of the slower cars and Green Dodge Viper GTS didn't overtake it in the race. This Acura NSX was obviously highly modified to be race ready. I would probably rather own the Dodge Viper as opposed to the NSX, although no doubt both are amazingly fast cars and equally entertaining to watch at the race track.

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Nissan GTR 2016 VS Acura NSX 2017 This video has been by far the most hyped video we have yet to release. We hope you guys enjoy it as much as we did making it! Let us know what else you would like to see. Thanks for Watching! Please Subscribe! Instagram pages: Offical: The_ExoticRevolution Chris Collins: chriscollins_limitless Alex Hill: bubbaman8

NSX Cost to Own
I've owned the 2004 NSX for 2 years now and the cost of ownership isn't very much if you just count the cost of things that break. I can never leave well enough alone and decided to spend a bunch of money improving the car I bought. (Except the lights, they were supposed to be a joke) So although I am into the car for a bunch of money that was just to improve it not indicative of cost to own one. NSX looks and reliability is why they are increasing in value and desirability over time. Great value for the money if your looking for a good looking unique car to drive. Subscribe - instagram -

Dodge Viper ACR vs Acura NSX
Dodge Viper ACR vs Acura NSX

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