Original: This is my brother having some fun lol They get tired of waiting so my dad steps in and BANG! [sorry for bad quality the proper file wouldnt work on youtube and i had to record it with a hypercam. Trying to get the real file soon though, its much better :P]

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Tire ski jump.
Tire ski jump.

How not to inflate a tyre!
The only way to get the tyres on the Outbak was with the aid of gas and matches. Not recommended for the faint hearted!!! как не раздувать шину

Condom & Dry Ice Experiment
Blond girl puts dry ice in a condom for a little fun. Video features Heather LaCroix.

mounting 44 swamper mud tire on 21" wide rim v1
mounting mud tires for my jeep on the rims with starting fluid