Original: This is my brother having some fun lol They get tired of waiting so my dad steps in and BANG! [sorry for bad quality the proper file wouldnt work on youtube and i had to record it with a hypercam. Trying to get the real file soon though, its much better :P]

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FAIL - EVO plummets and falls off dyno
Mitsubishi EVOLUTION ("EVO") decides to disgracefully side-tackle a pillar after a low Dyno run of 450hp. How unsportsmanlike. This might have happened at Mech-Tech College in Puerto Rico this week.

mounting 44 swamper mud tire on 21" wide rim v1
mounting mud tires for my jeep on the rims with starting fluid

Snowman hit by car
Snow man gets run over by my 1984 chevy S10. It snowed in Atlanta and this is what happened. I would have gone faster if Rusty had gotten out of the way.

How It's Made Remolded tires