Duramax muddin

Having a lil fun

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Hummer pulled by f250 1
We have a hummer h2 on 37 burried in the mud and then a buddies f250 powerstroke tried pullin it out.. lol go powerstroke

Two cold starts duramax and 7.3
Two cold starts in 1 video a 94 ford 7.3 diesel and a 03 chevy duramax. Dec 3rd

DURAMAX, JEEP, and ram
Me and buddies out muddin'. I am in the white duramax. Operating Engineer in the weird looking purple truck. A brother ironworker in the Jeep. I would have gotten deeper in mud, but my tires were only 1/4" tread. I have my Quadzilla Stealth2 set on 90hp Offroad Tune. This was a rainout day at work so we played and drank pretty much all day and into the night.

Duramax vs Cummins cartoon
Duramax vs cummins talk, im sure this will start some mess :-) This is just for fun guys, dont blow too much smoke over it! Edit: Yes they are talking about EFILIVE..However, the characters would say "live" and in living.. so we just put efi