Daytime vid of the 6262 Turbo D16Z6


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D16z6 turbo precision 6262 maxed out id 2000s on e85

Turbo D16z6 SOHC685whp dyno pulls
D16z6 SOHC685whp Dyno pulls at VIP Performance in Portland OR. The car is tuned with Crome Gold using E85 fuel by the owner Wryann. The highest Boost we got to on the log was 40psi!! started running into ignition cutting issues but yes we were shooting for 700+ numbers.

SpeedFactory D16 - Sleeved D2B Vitara Build
A closer look at the car with some in-car track footage, and the record breaking 9.65 @ 153.82mph pass.

TCSAutomotive built CSS D16Z6 6262 Top Mount 401whp
Built Blue Printed by TCS Automotive D16Z6 CSS block with CP Pistons, Eagle Rods, TCSAutomotive Stage 3 P&P Head with Blox Stage 3 Cam & Valvetrain, Skunk2 Intake Manifold/TB, Sheepey T4 Topmount Manifold with downpipe, custom Intercooler setup by TCS as well as wire tuck/brake tuck/custom 3" full Exhaust tuned by Howard@RLZ. Car made 401whp 276tq at 22psi with no timing added on pump gas.