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Manfeild Trackday in my Lotus 7 Replica 1 May 2011

After a bit of a break away from racing I signed up for a non-competitive track day to enjoy my car in the proper environment. It was so much fun I'm still smiling. The car was built in about 1976 in Christchurch. I've had it since 1998 and have rebuilt it any times since then. it has slowly gone from being a road car to a capable and still road legal race car powered by a 1600cc Toyota 4AGE 20v. I sacrificed a far bit of top speed by leaving the windscreen and doors on and dialling back the limiter to 6500. No point blowing it up when it's not a race day!


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Lotus Super Seven Acceleration with AMAZING SOUND!!!
lotus super seven @ the road. this car is awesome amazing sound sorry for the quality filmed with htc sensation xl

Lotus 7 twin turbo V8
Twin turbo lexus V8 300Kw 832Nm 0-200kph in 7.9 Sec

Building 2 Lotus Sevens in 3 Minutes and 20 Seconds.wmv
This video follows the progress of building two Lotus Seven clones (Locost) from beginning to almost ready to drive.

Manfeild training
Never Driven Manfeild. Here is a basic insight on how best take the corners. In this video the car we captured the video on has turned in to early on most corners, and the exit positionong is not ideal and exit speeds are lower. To see if you can do better come to the next Road and Track round October 24 at Manfeild.

Lotus 7 Club at Dunsfold Aerodrome 2011

5.0 V8 Lotus Seven replica (locost) TEST DRIVE
This is the second test drive of the V8 Lotus Super Seven replica I've been building from the ground up. 3 years ago I started with nothing but some square steel tubing, wire welder, and angle grinder. Thanks to everyone that has supported me and helped me out. Newly Rebuilt 306 with Holley 670 carb Edelbrock Performer intake AFR 165 Aluminum Heads Ford Racing E-Cam Comp Cams 1.7 Roller Rockers MSD distributor, coil, and ignition

Building Super 7 Locost Ep1
Building a locost. Ep 1. (Super 7) Introduction to me building a locost super 7. Will try to document it as good as possible. Though i forgot to tape the beginning but from now on i will start. This one is just short introduction of what i have done so far. This is based upin 442E frame and this is the specs: Saab 2.0t 150hk Engine Opel Omega 5 speed transmission Volvo 1031 (740/940) rear axle. Volvo 140 front spindles volvo 240 fron breaks. And alot more :) Next EP is about mounting one seat and the steering column,

Dax Rush (Lotus Seven Replica) - Tunnel Sound
On-board footage of the Dax Rush (Lotus Seven Replica). Filmed with the GoPro Hero HD 2 Motorsports.

Lotus Eleven Replica. Qualifying at Silverstone, 24th August 2013
Qualifying for the 45min SR & GT Challenge and Roadsports race at Silverstone, using the international track. Qualifying went well, its unfortunate that the Lotus 23r driver felt the need to hold me up for the majority of quali (defending into corners for instance - its quali not the race...), yes i could've dropped back a little but i'd have ended up catching him up again. Qualified 15 out of 33 on a 1:21.83 Finished the race in 7th place overall (3rd overall in the SR> Challenge) with a lap time of 1:20.23 - not too shabby, especially when its only running a 1315cc engine... Sorry no footage of the race due to the DVR not recording during the race :(

Kit Car acceleration, Locost 7, Caterham, Fisher fury Go Pro HD hero 2, passenger eating at speed!
First day out of the year, just out for a bit of fun as the sun shows up finally! Passengers first time in a kit car (whilst attempting to eat a cheeseburger!) Ben takes out his Fisher fury for the first time AKA the Banana! Wheel spinning!

Caterham Super Seven Roadsport 125 - Amari Super Cars
A short film of our Caterham Super Seven Roadsport. This car and many others can be seen in more detail at our showroom in Preston or on our website www.amarisupercars.com

V8 SuperStalker First Test Drive
Custom built V8 Brunton SuperStalker. LS6 motor with 6 speed manual tranny and 3.42 rear end completing the drivetrain. First test drive.

Short trip over Gebbis Pass to Lytellton in NZ with Adam from Calgary on his first trip to NZ and his first time in this sort of car. The car is a Birkin S3 (lotus 7 replica) built in South Africa in 1997 it has a Toyota 4AGE 1600cc fuel injected motor in it with a 130hp at the rear wheel.

Building Super 7 Locost Ep2
Second part in my series Building Super 7 Locost. This is based on MsScorley 7+442E chassi design. Part 2 that contains some mountings for the seat and my steering wheel

5.0 V8 Lotus Seven replica (locost) IN-CAR
This is the in-car third test drive of the V8 Lotus Super Seven replica I've been building from the ground up. 3 years ago I started with nothing but some square steel tubing, wire welder, and angle grinder. Thanks to everyone that has supported me and helped me out. Thanks to Tara for recording it!

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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