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Manfeild Trackday in my Lotus 7 Replica 1 May 2011

After a bit of a break away from racing I signed up for a non-competitive track day to enjoy my car in the proper environment. It was so much fun I'm still smiling. The car was built in about 1976 in Christchurch. I've had it since 1998 and have rebuilt it any times since then. it has slowly gone from being a road car to a capable and still road legal race car powered by a 1600cc Toyota 4AGE 20v. I sacrificed a far bit of top speed by leaving the windscreen and doors on and dialling back the limiter to 6500. No point blowing it up when it's not a race day!


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Lotus 7 first run 2011 edit.mp4
Lotus 7 's first run this year. First time out for the Westfield 7 since I thought that I had bought some bad gas last year and the engine started to cut out abruptly and unpredictably. We had to turn around and come home before reaching our destination. We decided to take the Lotus 7 out today and I noticed that some of the cutting out might be an electrical short or probably a bad connection. Might just be a bad ground somewhere. At the end of the video on a bridge, I noticed when I hit a bump it seemed to cut out. I will have to check, clean and reconnect all wires that keep the ignition spark going. I know this is not a race video, but a Lotus 7 type car can be a great weekend driver if you make it street legal. I noticed how shaky the video is while uploading so it started me thinking of how to fix that next time. We used a Flip Video HD and if any of you have used them you know they are hard enough to hold steady on solid ground. I have a plan to mount a home made steady cam mount to my roll bar next time. Sorry about the camera shake. I will work on that.

Lotus 7 Easter drive to Kaikoura, NZ
3 Lotus 7 replicas drive the inland sceanic route from Christchurch to Kaikoura for lunch

The Swiss Lotus 7 rally 1988
120 Lotus 7 from all over Europe

Lotus 7 Club at Dunsfold Aerodrome 2011

Lotus Seven replica por Bell Ville.

Super 7 Hayabusa Turbo
Startup Super 7 turbo Hayabusa E85 VipecV88 TD04 19T http://www.locostsweden.se/ipb/index.php?showtopic=7642&st=0

Atomise Radical SR3 at Tasman Revival 2014 Taupo Race 2
Richard Kelly in the Atomise/ Wilford Motorsport Radical SR3 sportscar competing at the Tasman Revival meeting at Taupo Motorsport Park 10/11 Jan 2014. This event was event three of the NZ Sportscar Championship. This is our second race of the weekend. Keep a closse eye on Kevin Addington's Radical Clubsport (turbo 1300) during the first racing laap to see the closest call I ever want to have! Thanks to UPS Power Solutions and, JMR Storage for your support! www.atomise.co.nz

Lotus 7 Club Dunsfold Handling Day 2012
Top Gear Track laps and other tomfoolery at the Lotus 7 Club Dunsfold Handling Day 2012

Sylva Striker (kit car) 1st test drive. High-quality.
Can anyone guess what goes wrong? Also check part 2: http://tinyurl.com/pblpq8s First test drive. Picture's of the building proces can be found at: http://picasaweb.google.com/timo.van.der.zande

SCCNZ Hillclimb - Fraser Clubman S (Lotus 7 Replica)
SCCNZ Hillclimb October 2011. Scott Tristram driving a 4AGE powered Fraser Clubman S.

V8 SuperStalker First Test Drive
Custom built V8 Brunton SuperStalker. LS6 motor with 6 speed manual tranny and 3.42 rear end completing the drivetrain. First test drive.

zapraszam na www.GRUSZKO.pl

Lotus Eleven Replica. Qualifying at Silverstone, 24th August 2013
Qualifying for the 45min SR & GT Challenge and Roadsports race at Silverstone, using the international track. Qualifying went well, its unfortunate that the Lotus 23r driver felt the need to hold me up for the majority of quali (defending into corners for instance - its quali not the race...), yes i could've dropped back a little but i'd have ended up catching him up again. Qualified 15 out of 33 on a 1:21.83 Finished the race in 7th place overall (3rd overall in the SR> Challenge) with a lap time of 1:20.23 - not too shabby, especially when its only running a 1315cc engine... Sorry no footage of the race due to the DVR not recording during the race :(

Lotus Track Day Things Get In My Way (Version 2)
Full Screen Version. Sports & Specialist Cars Lotus Track Day at New Jersey Motorsports Park on the Thunderbolt track. October 7, 2010 Plus one Ferrari.........

Atomise Radical SR3 at Tasman Revival 2014 Taupo
Richard Kelly in the Atomise/ Wilford Motorsport Radical SR3 sportscar competing at the Tasman Revival meeting at Taupo Motorsport Park 10/11 Jan 2014. This is race 1 for the Sportscarsawith some Formula Libre cars thrown in. Thanks to UPS Power Solutions and, JMR Storage for your support! www.atomise.co.nz

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