World Racing 2 - VW Corrado Turbo

car was made by krom's car editor in Lithuania

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Vw Corrado VR6 extra power
Vw Corrado 2.9 turbo vr6 max speed obrotomierz predkosc maksymalna predkosc włoszczowa funny car crash gun police policja bron gosiewski

Lithuanian Supercar
Lithuanian built, VW Corrado based dragster called Jezijmobilis. Weights only 730 kg, 856 wheel hp (without NOS!). Reaches speed of 260 km/h in 9 seconds. Video copyright of Some pictures from the build: and Car's owner is Jezij Chmelevskij

Top Gear VW Corrado
Top Gear 1988 I wanted one of these cars when I was 15 and still do today..

World Racing 2 - VW Golf IV R32 Test Drive
car by Mario_13 map by TomWin