Ford Zakspeed Escort Final race Hampton Downs 2nd weekend.m4v

Car being driven by Roger Townsend in Gary's absence. The Sierra Roger is dicing with is a Wolf Gp A RS500!! Good job Roger!

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Zakspeed Escort MK2 Racing HARD on track!
I have filmed a classic Zakspeed Ford Escort MK2 racing on track at Oulton Park being driven as intended, even getting a bit sideways through corners! Checkout my Facebook page here: Event: 2014 MSVR Masters Historic - 70's touring cars championship Location: Oulton Park

Zakspeed Escort vs Cologne Capri.m4v
Skope Classic Ruapuna, Christchurch NZ. Gary Wilkinson in the 1977 Gp 5 Zakspeed Escort faces off against Roger Townsend in the 1972 spec Cologne Capri. In-car footage.

Ford Escort BDA chasing Lotus Twincam historic touring cars eastern creek

Bruce Manon Escort Racer
In this episode of we meet up with Bruce Manon and find out his story about going FAST in a MK2 Ford Escort since 1979.