Hot Babe Spills her Harley Davidson

My friend dropped her Harley while backing out of the driveway. During the process she was explaining to my son how important it is to wear a helmet. No matter how far you ride or weather it's fast or slow. Wear your Brain Bucket! Do not let this video fool you. This girl is a great rider, so hitting the ground can happen to any level of rider so play it safe and take your time to look around Especially YOU in cars double check for us sporting handle bars. When I see cars zooming up or in between those on bikes YOU selfish &%^$#@% THINK TWICE because it's not nice. I would love to catch up to you and base your life on a roll the dice. Lets see how you like your NUTS in a vice. Then I would sprinkle them with: NEXT TIME LETS DRIVE NICE and PRETEND to hand you a bag full of ice.

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