1990 Mazda Miata Turbo Drag Racing Thunder in the Alberni Valley Port Alberni

Here is one of my runs from the Thunder in the Alberni Valley drag racing in Port Alberni, British Columbia Canada. My best time was 13.633 at 101.26mph. The car is a 1990 miata with a 1.8L 1997 motor swap, custom turbo setup, and a bunch of other good things :)

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1990 Mazda Miata Turbo - Drag Racing local track
I just replaced my old small turbo setup with some new things. Flyin miata diy manifold and downpipe, Godspeed GT28 turbo, and a HKS wastegate. I was running 12psi in this run. I don't want to turn it up until I find out what my output is on a Dyno, so it'll stay like this for a bit. (more)

Turbo Miata Drag Racing
Decided to bring the old Yata out for shake down #2. Ran faster this time but the car (and myself) can definitely get faster. Still trying to find that perfect balance of a hard launch that's friendly to the stock NA6 differential. Fast run was a 9.2 @ 80mph, hitting the limiter in 3rd right at the line. Thinking of bumping the rev limiter up 100RPM to 7300 next time to see if I can tag 81mph.

Mazda Miata turbo 11psi
Edited so you only see/hear the cool parts. There were a lot of cars on the road so I had to be careful for most of the time. This was the first turbo drive EVER, with a tune from the interwebs. 1990 1.6: AiResearch T3 DSM 450cc injectors ETD Racing tubular manifold Mitsubishi Starion Intercooler Megasquirt ECU 100% DIY It's open downpipe and wastegate in this video but it has a 3" Exhaust now with an open dump internal WG. In this video it had the stock (Stage 1) clutch, but now it has a Spec Stage 2 (seriously) clutch. For a more recent autocross video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qUNS3I6H9Sk

Project MX-5: Dyno Run & Drag Race
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