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Fiat X1/9.......up for grabs !!!

get cash : http://www.bigextracash.com/aft/117818a2.html Sorry, this vehicle has been sold to the gentleman in the black cloak, warrior-boots, double-sided light-sabre, masked-face and multi-horned head a.k.a. Sith Lord Darth Maul, for a princely sum of $12k. In all likelihood, this beaut will never be seen anywhere on the face of this earth again as it has been whisked off aboard a Federation Starship to destination unknown.


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Mini Moke For SALE.....freight-free worldwide !!!!
Imported Ossie Moke for sale. Completely-restored, running and road-taxed. Australian, imported Moke, 1972 model. 1000cc manual. The last of the Mohicans.Comes with original grant, servo-assisted brakes, economical single SU carb, new hood, lights, fittings, fresh industrial-orange paint-job and battery located in engine-compartment. Complete ground-up restoration . .Appreciative asset you can put your money on. RM60k 0182267394 kuala lumpur direct access.

FOR SALE :I'm Sexy And I Know It ..... say NO to gas forever.
Am Sexy And I Know It ......... I dont smoke and I dont drink. I only get turned on by PURE ELECTRICITY. I am powered by 5 PREMIUM-CLASS, replaceable batteries every 5 years. I run 100 km per charge and can give you 120 km max. I look like a 'cub' but look closer. I don't have an Exhaust ....like a guy bike, if you know what I mean... and guess what? I also have a reverse gear if you're into 'reverse thrust'. Cool or what!! Besides, I am still a virgin. Brand-new and factory-fresh. Come, take me for only RM4500 on the road... much less the normal price. Break me quick 'cos I'm on heat. Call my master (private owner) now at 0182267394 and ride me away into the wild, blue yonder while sticking your 'MIDDLE' at gas-stations forever. By the way, you can call me Siti (Ctric).....only if you're gonna be my new owner. AM SEXY AND I KNOW IT  --------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------ NANO GEL GREEN TECH BATTERY No Gas, No Black-oil, No Exhaust pipe, No Plugs, No Emission, No Gas-station, No gears (fully auto) No Jack.......just charge and ride. ....also get a new Kawa race-jacket FREE !!! ...call 0182267394 (private owner, not shop) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------- Engine Specs Type Electric Motorcycle Traction Motor Type Brushless DC Motor Rated Power 1.0 kW Max Power 3.6 kW @ 70km/h Speed Control System Pulse Width Modulation Hall Sensor Honeywell Transmission Type Fully Automatic Final Reduction Ratio 4.2 Driving System Chain Chassis Type Steel Pipe Backbone Front Suspension Telescopic fork Rear Suspension Trailing swing arm suspension Front Brake Drum 110 mm Rear Brake Drum 110 mm Electrical System Battery Lead Acid, Nano Gel Capacity 1200Wh (5 units) Voltage 60V 20Ah @ 2 Hours rate Charger Intelligent Charger Input 240V (50/60Hz) Output 60V DC Charging Time (Normal) 8 Hours Charging Time (Fast) 3.5 Hours Discharge Cycles 500 cycles Estimated Life 3.5 years or 50,000 km ------------------------------------------------------------------- No, I Do Not Own The Rights To The Music !!!!!

Fiat x1/9 finally working.
Finally after removing all the emmision junk and replacing many of the original parts its running.

Mein Fiat X1/9 im Club B/B
Impressionen von meinem Fiat X1/9. 10 Jahre sportlicher Fahrgenuss und viele neue Freunde.

Fiat X1/9 with winking headlights
my 1980 fiat x1/9 with winking headlights.

Project Carla (Fiat X1/9) Bertone X19 Road Trip
http://zambianastronaut.com/releases-downloads/ http://soundcloud.com/zambianastronaut Fiat x1/9 Goes from Scotland to Tenerife. Music by ZambianAstronaut www.myspace.com/zambianastronaut Enjoy

fiat x1/9 lowered
my x1/9 lowered 40mm on jamex springs

X1/9 V6 progress
The 24v cloverleaf V6 progressing further at P1X 2000

Fiat X1-9
I recorded this awesome very rare Fiat X1-9 at Cars and Coffee. Please comment and subscribe!

Fiat X1/9 Pre delivery Inspection Video
Pre delivery inspection of the x1/9.

Fiat X1/9 exhaust tone
Fiat X with Supertrapp Exhaust 1300cc 1976 Fiat through country turns.

Fiat X1/9 dual webers 001
fiat bertone X1/9 fitted with 2 weber DCNF carburettors

Matt Brannon #22 H-Production Fiat X1/9 2007 Midwest X1/9
Matt Brannon and the #22 Fiat X1/9 at the 2007 SCCA National Championship Runoffs makes an impressive run from near last place at the start of the race to 5th overall at the finish.

Fiat X1-9 Engine Bay Cover Mod.wmv
Here's a neat way to increase the cooling on your Fiat X1/9, watch John Edwards as he explains how he modifies the engine compartment lid vents to allow additional air flow in and around the engine. www.engine-machining.com (949) 631-6376


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