Fiat X1/9.......up for grabs !!!

get cash : Sorry, this vehicle has been sold to the gentleman in the black cloak, warrior-boots, double-sided light-sabre, masked-face and multi-horned head a.k.a. Sith Lord Darth Maul, for a princely sum of $12k. In all likelihood, this beaut will never be seen anywhere on the face of this earth again as it has been whisked off aboard a Federation Starship to destination unknown.

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Pre-war cars at Goodwood
The iconic fathers of motorsport created some of the most spectacular moments at the 2015 Festival of Speed, featuring Fiat S76 and Babs.

FIAT X19 -VS- GSXR1000-VS ZX10R 1
crazy races from israel i like this movie

Este vídeo descreve como dar partida num Fiat quando a luz do code está acesa no painel. Isso acontece quando existe algum problema na chave codificada do seu Fiat.

Fiat X1-9 Engine Bay Cover Mod.wmv
Here's a neat way to increase the cooling on your Fiat X1/9, watch John Edwards as he explains how he modifies the engine compartment lid vents to allow additional air flow in and around the engine. (949) 631-6376