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Stang Hi '04 Cobra 29Whipple-LuciousH .mpg

Stang-Hi Performance Dyno tuning Lucious H's '03 Cobra! Mods include: Stock Motor / Whipple 2.9L Blower / SHP Fuel system / C&L Intake system w/ SCT Maf / Kooks LT Headers w/ X-pipe/ Magnaflow Magnapack Catback!!! Dyno results on pump gas: 637rwhp / 595rwtq!!!


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mach 1 vs 03 cobra vs E85 nsx supercharged
04 Mustang gt ( mach 1 swap) 150shot Nitrous, intake ,longtubes headers Exhaust vs 2003 ford Mustang cobra mods: (in the video) vs 508rwhp supercharged nsx ..... (this film is computer generated )

Stang Hi '11 GT-NAMods.mpg
Stang-Hi Performance Dyno tuning a '11 GT! Mods include: C&L CAI system / SHP 3" off-road (RACE) X-pipe / Axle-back delete / SHP Custom Tuning! Dyno results: 437rwhp / 406rwtq!!! This is our N/A Race Performance pkg w/o the Boss Intake manifold!

03 cobra 2.9 whipple 680 hp on pump on mickey thompson drag radial 2's juss finished helping my friend wax his car looks like glass california sunshine

Ford Mustang Shelby Cobra Spit Nitrous
Ford Mustang Shelby Cobra Spit Nitrous - Ford Mustang Shelby Cobra Spit Nitrous Ford Mustang Shelby Cobra Spit Nitrous https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RQPrA2aMWgM Subscribe For More Car Videos: http://www.youtube.com/user/exacar?sub_confirmation=1

TERMINATION Cobra vs BLACKHEART Srt8 Chrysler 300!
Supercharger vs Nitrous in Dragg City! TERMINATION 2003 Cobra vs BLACKHEART Srt8 Hemi on Nitrous Rounds 1, 2, and 3! These races are from the first encounter (oldest) of these two titans on a private test facility in Dragg City! The black-on-black 4 door Chrysler 300 has Exhaust mods, CAI, drag radials, and a 100 shot of Nitrous, running 11.9@117mph at the drag strip. The mineral gray 03 Cobra supercharged Mustang is on a stock ported eaton blower at 15 psi, Exhaust, tune, solid axle and drag radials having ran mid 11's at the drag strip. Check out my channel and subscribe for more racing videos! Check out my channel Channel Partner videos: http://www.youtube.com/wyldfantasies

2003-2004 Ford Mustang SVT Cobra "Terminator" Design
This video talks about SOME of the interesting things about one of the most inspiring muscle cars ever made- the 2003-2004 Ford Mustang Cobra, code named "Terminator." Information was taken from Frank Moriarty's book "Iron Fist Lead Foot," yellowMustangregistry.com, and the SVT supplement.

Phil's Lysholm Terminator Dyno At GTR High Performance
Phil Doré has a very angry beast on his hands thanks to his going with the Lysholm 3300AX Supercharger Upgrade, along with his other modifications. After pulling off a broken brand X Supercharger, Phil has been able to consistently make more power with less Boost than before, and the car has never been as fast or as fun to drive! Phil's mods include: - Lysholm 3300AX Supercharger Upgrade ~16psi - SCT3000 MAF - 60lb Injectors - KB B-A-P - Kooks 1 3/4" Long Tubes - Magnaflow Cat-back - Crower Stage 3 Blower Cams - Crower HD Springs & Retainers - Tuning by Greg @ RET Would you like power like this in your Terminator? Time to ditch that factory blower, dump that brand X knock off, and go with the originator of the Twin-Screw Supercharger. Lysholm products are now sold through Vortech Distributors everywhere, so get on the phone, get on your computer, drive to your local speed shop, and get yours on order today!

2004 SVT Cobra mountain run with Go Pro
2004 SVT Cobra mountain run with Go Pro 2.9L Whipple 15psi

Jr's RET Tuned 2.9 Whipple
Built motor, cams, 19#, tuned at www.racersedgetuning.net

2004 2.9L Whipple Cobra
04 Whipple Cobra. 2.9L Whipple, Comp Stage 3 cams, Kooks Long-tubes with O/R X-pipe and Magnaflow Cat-back. Made 675 RWHP with the stock 3.5" Whipple Pulley.

2.9L Whipple Cobra Adrenaline Video
2.9L Whipple SVT Cobra 2004 670rwhp 595rwtq

Stang Hi '04 Cobra Whipple29 Gene C
Stang-Hi Dyno Tuning Mr.Gene C's Cammed '04 Cobra! Mods: Stock Motor, Blower Cams, Whipple 2.9L Blower, SHPFore Fuel system, SHP CUstom Tuning!!!

Aluminator, Whipple 2.9 E85 Idle.MP4
Skaarew04SVT's 10:1 Compression Aluminator. 21 psi, E85 Idle.

Mustang leaving SVT Cobra Club - Parkway Ford Show 2013 (2 of 3)
12th Annual Carolina Regional SVT Cobra, Shelby, Boss, Mustang, and all Ford Show on August 24, 2013. Hosted by SVT Cobra Mustang Club (SCMC) and Parkway Ford in Winston-Salem, NC. For more info go svtcobraclub.com. Video is of various cars leaving the show area. Vid 1 of 3. Don't forget to check out my youtube channel to see Mustang videos!

Stage 1: Bama Builds 2003 Cobra Mustang to Dominate The Track! - AmericanMuscle.com
Stage 1 of Bama's 2003 SVT Cobra! The Bama Performance team is starting to build a 2003 SVT Cobra Ford Mustang to dominate at the drag strip with their recommended mods and custom tuning. http://www.americanmuscle.com/bama-performance-2004-svt-cobra-build.html The goal is to build this project to max out the factory blower and see what kind of horsepower/torque numbers the Bama crew can get out of this Cobra on their Dynojet 224xLC Dyno and Bama Performance custom tunes. After that, the Bama Tuning Specialists are going to completely rip this thing apart and build the ultimate Cobra drag car, while hopefully keeping the factory IRS (Independent Rear Suspension). We'll see if the rear can stay together! Stay tuned for Stage 2... Mod List from Stage 1: Bama X4/SF4 Power Flash Tuner w/ 3 Free Custom Tunes (03-04 Cobra) - http://www.americanmuscle.com/x4-custom-tuner-9904se.html C&L Cold Air Intake w/ 95mm MAF (03-04 Cobra) - http://www.americanmuscle.com/cnl-cai-0304cobra.html Metco Motorsports Interchangeable Supercharger Pulley & Hub Ring (03-04 Cobra) - http://www.americanmuscle.com/metco-Supercharger-pulley-hub-0304cobra.html Metco Motorsports Crank Pulley Kit - 4lb Boost (03-04 Cobra) - http://www.americanmuscle.com/metco-4lb-crankpulley-0304cobra.html Metco Motorsports Dual Bearing 90mm Auxilary Idler Kit (03-04 Cobra) - http://www.americanmuscle.com/metco-90mm-db-idler-pulley-0304cobra.html Accufab Oval Throttle Body & Power Inlet Plenum Combo - Polished (03-04 Cobra) - http://www.americanmuscle.com/20coacthbopo.html SCT BA-2600 Big Air 90MM MAF Meter / Sensor (89-04 V8) - http://www.americanmuscle.com/sct-ba-2600-maf.html MSD Programmable Fuel Pump Voltage Booster (86-14 All) - http://www.americanmuscle.com/msd-fuelpump-voltBoost.html Autolite Racing Spark Plugs (03-04 Cobra; 07-14 GT500) - http://www.americanmuscle.com/autolite-sparkplugs-ar103.html Metco Motorsports Supercharger Pulley Installation & Removal Tool (03-04 Cobra; 07-14 GT500) - http://www.americanmuscle.com/metco-sc-pulley-tool.html Power Stop Street Warrior Brake Rotor & Ceramic Pad Kit - Front & Rear (94-04 Bullitt, Mach 1, Cobra) - http://www.americanmuscle.com/powerstop-streetwarrior-brake-kit-9404cobra.h tml Maximum Motorsports Low Profile IRS Subframe Bolts (99-04 Cobra) - http://www.americanmuscle.com/maximum-motorsports-subframe-bolts.html What will the guys at Bama Performance do with their new Terminator next? COMMENT BELOW and tell us what you think they'll do next... For all things Mustang, keep it right here at AmericanMuscle.com!

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