Stang Hi '04 Cobra 29Whipple-LuciousH .mpg

Stang-Hi Performance Dyno tuning Lucious H's '03 Cobra! Mods include: Stock Motor / Whipple 2.9L Blower / SHP Fuel system / C&L Intake system w/ SCT Maf / Kooks LT Headers w/ X-pipe/ Magnaflow Magnapack Catback!!! Dyno results on pump gas: 637rwhp / 595rwtq!!!

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Stang Hi '11 GT-NAMods.mpg
Stang-Hi Performance Dyno tuning a '11 GT! Mods include: C&L CAI system / SHP 3" off-road (RACE) X-pipe / Axle-back delete / SHP Custom Tuning! Dyno results: 437rwhp / 406rwtq!!! This is our N/A Race Performance pkg w/o the Boss Intake manifold!

2.9l whipple 03/04 cobra
Here is a build we have been working on for some time here at KMS.. Jay Mann brought his car to us with some serious leakdown, poor power numbers, and a handful of issues. We put together a game plan and spec'd out a custom engine, STOCK UNPORTED HEADS, Custom KMS blower cams, Whipple 2.9, and a slew of other parts. In the end, we made 673rwhp SAE on 93oct (14psi) and 780rwhp SAE on E85 (18psi)... enjoy the video and email us with any questions about the build. We would be happy to work with you on a high powered terminator build.

Quick Dyno vide of Cory Dearmitt's 03 Cobra being custom tuned by Fastlane Motorsports in North Carolina. This Cobra features a Whipple 2.9L, Kooks Long Tube Headers,and a STGII SNOW Performance Methanol Kit. 20LBS = 650 RWHP! 1.800.457.6166

Stang Hi '11 GT500-RichardG.mpg
Stang-Hi Performance Dyno tuning Richard G's '11 GT500! Mods Include: IW 10%OD Crank Pulley / 2.7upper pulley/ FRPP CobraJet TB / Whipple 123mm CAI system / 3" off-road X-pipe / Stock mufllers/ SHP custom tuning!!! Dyno results: 593rwhp / 600rwtq!!!