1971 Pontiac Trans Am Cruising

Out cruising on a saturday night with this nice 1971 Trans Am 455 4-speed.

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real deal 1971 trans am jimmy jarrett 's all original 4 speed car
1971 ta found in a auto parts warehouse in alabama about 30 years ago had 11,332 miles on it. bought it about 6 years ago from gary and luan reed has 4 speed and the rear console all original unrestored thanks for selling me the car.

Hemmings - 1971 Mustang Boss 351 vs 1974 Trans Am SD 455
351 4speed 4.56 vs 455 auto 3.90 as seen in Dec 2011 issue of Hemmings Muscle Machines

1971 Trans Am For Sale
trans amm

3 Trans Am Test Drives: '78 W72 4-speed, '75 400 4-speed, and '71 455 HO "Rock Crusher" 4-speed
Go for a virtual test drive. 3 low mileage Trans Ams in our inventory. Which one would you like? Not shown: '73 Brewster Green TA, '77 Y81 W72 4-speed Bandit TA